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Telangana: Srikrishna Committee meets over 100 groups జూన్ 18, 2010

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Telangana: Srikrishna Committee meets over 100 groups

Agencies, Jun 17, 2010

Hyderabad: The Srikrishna committee on Telangana issue has so far interacted with about 100 groups and over 1,000 people as part of its consultation process.

“I think we met about 100 groups and over 1,000 persons with whom we interacted. We are in the process of gathering information. We are sure that the train is progressing on time and reach its destination also on time,” Srikrishna, Chairman of the panel, told reporters at the end of a three-day visit to the city.

The committee is mandated to submit its report by December 31 this year.

V K Duggal, member-secretary of the committee, said they would undertake field visits from next month and would like to complete the exercise by first week of August.
Duggal said the ruling Congress leaders are likely to meet the committee during the first week of July when the committee visits Hyderabad.

To a query, Duggal said the committee has already heard three different groups of TDP leaders.

When specifically asked whether party president N Chandrababu Naidu would meet the committee, Srikrishna said, “party president gave us the graphic description of two eyes and all that”.

He was apparently referring to Naidu saying that Telangana and non-Telangana regions are like his two eyes and that he cannot take any decision in favour or against any particular region.

Duggal said the committee has informally met the TDP president earlier and would meet him again if necessary.

When pointed out that the political parties presenting more than one view would result in confusion, Srikrishna said, “more the confusion, better the solution”.

During its three-day visit, the committee had meetings with the Lok Satta Party, the IUML and also a video-conference with a group of NRIs in the United States.

Source: http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Telangana–Srikrishna-Committee-meets-over-100-groups/635132/



1. saamaanyudu - జూన్ 18, 2010

even they discuss with 1000 more groups there is no fruitful solution to telangana as they are not having authority from law.. this is only for drag on the time..


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