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TRS support to Congress PCC Chief D Srinivas జూన్ 8, 2010

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TRS may lend tacit support to PCC chief
Express News Service, 8 Jun 2010

HYDERABAD: The ensuing by elections in Telangana might well be a precursor to future developments in the Congress, apart from testing the strength of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

According to informed sources, behind-the scenes moves have begun to facilitate a victory for PCC president D Srinivas from Nizamabad Assembly constituency in the byelection, expected during July-August.

Interestingly, the party that is not averse to favouring Srinivas is the TRS whose 10 MLAs quit the Assembly demanding statehood for the region.

Along with them, BJP sitting legislator from Nizamabad, Y Lakshminarayana and TDP MLA from Vemulawada, Ch Ramesh, had also resigned.

Srinivas lost the 2009 election by a narrow margin thanks to his anti-Hindu statements which worked to the advantage of the BJP nominee. Sources indicated that the Congress high command has already signalled Srinivas to get ready for the byelection.

He has been touring the constituency extensively.

But what is unknown is the tacit understanding developing between him and the TRS.

The separatist party is unlikely to put up a candidate in Nizamabad. That way, it will be seen as “appreciating” the act of the BJP legislator in resigning his seat for Telangana. But the underlying thinking is to avoid a split in vote and thereby help Srinivas, who is also a strong votary of a T state and is capable of garnering votes on that count.

Also, not putting up a candidate would make it easy for TRS cadres to work at the ground level in favour of Srinivas. Srinivas and TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao enjoy a fairly good relationship.

Moreover, if and when a change of leadership in the state becomes inevitable, Srinivas will be among the choices before the high command. It suits the Congress central leadership to have a T leader at the helm to keep the statehood agitation under control and it also suits TRS to have someone from the region as the chief minister.

Source: http://expressbuzz.com/states/andhrapradesh/trs-may-lend-tacit-support-to-pcc-chief/179816.html



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