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Telangana to be decided by the Centre – Srikrishna Committee మే 7, 2010

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It’s up to Centre, Parliament to decide on Telangana: Panel
Hyderabad, May 7, 2010

The final decision on the Telangana issue has to be taken by Parliament and the Centre, and the committee headed by him would help the government in making up its mind, Justice B N Srikrishna, Chairman of the panel, said on Friday.

“Now, what happens is in the hands of Parliament ultimately, which means the Central Government will have to take a view on the matter. But the view of the local people is a big factor which needs to be considered,” he told reporters here.

When asked about Union Home Minister P Chidambaram’s statement in Parliament on Thursday that the solution lies not in Delhi but in Andhra Pradesh, he said, “Frankly, I have not read the statement, but if the statement is what you are saying, I assume, he does not want to get into a controversy when a committee is looking at it and finally is going to advise the government.

“Now, sitting in Delhi, how are they going to assess it? They won’t be able to assess. Therefore, they say these four gentlemen and one lady (all panel members) will go and tell what is the local view, consensus view and tell us what do you think of the whole thing,” he said.
Srikrishna said the mission of the panel is to help the Government take a decision on the contentious issue.

“…Parliament is to decide. Andhra Assembly or Andhra Government cannot decide. Ultimately, what is to be done, needs to be done by Parliament. To help the Central Government make up its mind, all this exercise is going on,” he said.

The committee has so far received a whopping 1,30,000 representations, which included well-researched documents to simple postcards, Srikrishna said.

“More than 1,30,000 representations have been made. Some of them are well-argued, well-documented research papers. Some are just postcards playing emotional appeal like we want Telangana. Nothing specific except we want Telangana.”

The multi-member panel would not discard any representation, including postcards, and all of them will be considered, he said. Abu Saleh Sharif, a member of the committee, said the representations constitute the property of the Central Government and that all of them would be preserved.

The committee members were speaking to reporters after the end of a two-day visit to the Andhra Pradesh capital.

During the visit, the panel members had meetings with intellectuals, writers and other groups from different regions of the state.

Srikrishna, a retired Supreme Court judge, said the discussions were fruitful and the work of the committee is going on in “full speed”.
The committee will have separate meetings with the region-wise groups in ruling Congress, main Opposition Telugu Desam and also Hyderabad-based All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), among others, next week.

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/96416/India/It


1. workstudytravelsingapore - జూన్ 5, 2010

From Satyapraksh,
if you think you guys are honest and fair then you publish this, if not is evident that
you are on sided, then whats the difference between you and the bureaucrats who are opposing your movement.

One has to come down to basics ( as always such does,when ever he fails) to
understand, why you are NOT able to achieve telangana.

one simple reason, survival, so remove it out of the equation and you can get telangana
in a minute.

its very simple reasoning
1. why people for all over andhra pradesh FLOCKING into hyderabad
a. very simple right, JOBS JOBS JOBS, good career, good life.

problems they bring along with this migration,
1. they want to bring their culture together
2. their parents
3. later immigrate

this is the actual problem telangan ppl are facing… so solve this problem, you will
get what you want.

YOU FORCE GOVT of ANDHRAPRADESH…. to quickly develop “” AN ALTERNATIVE “” to Hyderabad
like Mumbai-pune, Madras-tirchy-madurai, Delhi-Noida,

if there is an Alternative, Definetly ppl will think twice before coming to hyderabd.

thus u achieve what you want….

Andhra pradesh DONOT have an Alternative for non-telangana ppl, to GO……
ALL the money (its yours or states leave it) going ONLY towards development of hyderabad.
OF COUSE by hook or crook, ppl want to come to hyderabad…..
its the basic instinct, to have a better life, better job…………….

I cannot find even 1 shit,stupid, idiotic job in rest of andhra pradesh (including telangana)…. if i have to live in this world have to go to HYDERABAD….. or bangalore

being a telugu, i will choose hyderabad…..

so thats the moral of the story….. its bcz govt has put “”ALL EGGS in ONE BASKET”
every one want to die and get the basket…..

CREATE an ALTERNATIVE…. city like rest of the states in INdia… see AUTOMATICALLY
you will get your telangana in Puvvlo petti mari istaru….


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