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TRS demand for Akhand Telangana of 1956 ఏప్రిల్ 18, 2010

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‘Stand on Telangana being distorted’
Special Correspondent, The Hindu

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti’s submission to the Srikrishna Committee to seek restoration of status quo ante as it existed on October 31, 1956, has given scope for criticism by its detractors, notably Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, about its commitment to separate Telangana.

Its stand was interpreted as an exposure of its ‘hollow politics’ since the party wanted re-drawing of boundaries of Telangana in a manner as to include the Marathwada and Hyderabad-Karnataka regions which were parts of the erstwhile Hyderabad State.

However, the TRS has ridiculed this interpretation and said its position on Telangana was being deliberately distorted by certain vested interests.

The ideologue of separate Telangana, K. Jayashankar, who was involved in the preparation of TRS’ representation to the panel told The Hindu that some Congress leaders, notably Mr. Rajagopal, were needlessly making a fuss.

He added that what TRS demanded was de-merger of Andhra State with residual parts of erstwhile Hyderabad State where Telugu was spoken.

In fact, the State’s Reorganisation Commission led by Fazal Ali recommended that the State of Hyderabad should be retained with Telugu-speaking people after Marathwada and Kannada regions were annexed to Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively. The Hyderabad Assembly agreed to trifurcation of State prior to 31 October, 1956.

B. Vinod Kumar, a former MP of TRS, said the process of excluding Marathwada and Kannada regions from Hyderabad commenced at least six months prior to 31 October, 1956. Therefore, the demand for “restoration of status quo ante” meant creation of separate Telangana comprising the Telugu-speaking region in the erstwhile Hyderabad State.

Source: http://beta.thehindu.com/news/cities/Visakhapatnam/article395950.ece



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