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Sonia will give Telangana by 2014: Jana Reddy మార్చి 11, 2010

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UPA Govt will deliver T by 2014, says Jana Reddy

Express News Service, First Published : 11 Mar 2010 05:44:00

HYDERABAD: The Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre will deliver Telangana before 2014 and no force on the face of the earth will be able to prevent it, senior Congress leader and former home minister K Jana Reddy has said.

Speaking to reporters in the Assembly lobbies today, he said the Congress had fulfilled one of the major promises by ensuring the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Rajya Sabha. The other promise was Telangana which too would be attended to at an appropriate time and push the Telangana Bill through in the same way, he hoped. Just as some JD (U) members were suspended from the Rajya Sabha for obstructing the bill, the CPM MPs would get the same treatment if they obstructed Telangana bill, Reddy said.

Another Congress senior leader and former minister R Damodar Reddy took strong objection to the conflicting statements of Justice Srikrishna and the committee’s member-secretary VK Duggal on seeking the opinions of the presidents of th State units of political parties.

He observed that the committee chairman and the member-secretary lacked clarity on their task and were talking in different voices. While Justice Srikrishna said each political party could submit any number of views to the committee, Duggal said the committee would accept only one view on the State’s bifurcation demand.

He said Telangana Congress MLAs would submit a report to the Srikrishna Committee and they were doing preparatory work on 12 subjects which would find mention in the final report to be submitted to the committee.

He said he would not accept a ministerial post and alleged that after becoming the chief minister, Rosaiah was selecting people of his caste for nominated posts.

BC Welfare Minister Mukhesh Goud said MLAs and MPs from the GHMC limits also decided to submit a report to the Srikrishna Committee.

They were preparing a report taking into consideration the aspirations of the people living in the State capital, he said.



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