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Botsa also demands separate state మార్చి 1, 2010

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CM dreams behind Botsa’s two-state cry

Jinka Nagaraju, TNN, Mar 1, 2010

HYDERABAD: For those wondering why Botsa Satyanarayana dropped a bombshell demanding division of Andhra Pradesh, the reason has much to do with caste politics and his ambition to be CM. In this instance it’s the Kapu card.

As an aspirant community, its power plans came to a naught in the last polls as Chiranjeevi flopped. Though the actor’s Prajarajyam got 17 per cent votes, it did not translate into seats. As politicians see it, politics in state continues to be in the hands of Reddys and Kammas. And Botsa seems to be making a pitch to break this grip. “It is deliberate. He has chosen a time when the T-agitation is waning after the setting up of the Srikrishna committee,” said a political analyst who has observed Botsa for long.

But Botsa has dished out a simplistic explanation to veil his real intentions: Two states would pave the road for all-round development of Telugus; two CMs would bring more funds and aspirations of people of both regions would be fulfilled.

But this argument is seen as blasphemous by leaders from Rayalaseema-Circar areas. Students from Andhra University in Vizag immediately cried foul and leaders from Srikakulam to Kadapa, irrespective of their party affiliations, have questioned his continuance in the cabinet. Some sections have even mooted social boycott of Botsa, who is the panchayati raj minister.

Analysts close to Botsa, however, argue that the strong reactions are due to his social background. The Samaikyandhra movement is led by leaders from the upper castes who are well entrenched in politics and business. While the movement in Rayalaseema is led by Reddys, the visible leaders in Coastal Andhra are Kammas.

But Botsa, a product of post-liberalization politics, is not willing to allow his caste status of Turpu Kapu to come in the way of his ambitions. His strength can be gauged from his indispensability to the late YSR. “In terms of political influence, there is no comparable backward caste leader in the state,” asserted a political analyst, pointing to his grip on his native Vizianagaram. “He forced the party high command to give the Congress LS ticket to his wife Botsa Jhansi. He forced YSR to give an assembly ticket to his brother as well. And the zilla parishad chairman is also from his family,” he said. So strong is his influence that YSR did not remove him from the cabinet after the Volkswagen controversy when Botsa was the industry minister. After YSR’s death, Botsa openly expressed his ambition to become CM.

Chiranjeevi’s failure has rekindled Botsa’s ambition to become the CM as representative of Kapus. Chiranjeevi has asserted that he stands for an integrated AP but his feeble voice has not been audible in the united movement led by Congress and TDP.

If Andhra state is formed, Kapus would become the single largest community with Balijas of Rayalaseema. This would add to Botsa’s chances as CM. “Kapus need a strong leader at this juncture when AP is at a crossroad,” said a Congress leader. “Given the influence of Kammas and Reddys, he cannot expect to be AP CM. So he is betting for a separate Andhra state,” the leader said. “If the community’s voice is not raised now, they can never claim the CM post if the state divided. So Botsa has become active,” the Congress leader pointed out.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/CM-dreams-behind-Botsas-two-state-cry/articleshow/5629645.cms



1. VChangeU - మార్చి 2, 2010

Present tenure will be his end of days in political career in AP, no one will support Botsa in next term.
He is keeping his political career at high risk by supporting dividing the state into pieces


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