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Expelled from Samajwadi Party, Amar Singh bats for separate Telangana ఫిబ్రవరి 23, 2010

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Expelled from Samajwadi Party, Amar Singh bats for separate Telangana

Puneet Nicholas Yadav / DNA Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Delhi: Pushed into political obscurity following his expulsion from the Samajwadi Party, Amar Singh’s desperateness to remain relevant seems to be growing by the day.

With his mass contact programmes with Kshatriyas and backward classes of Uttar Pradesh (UP) not yielding much publicity, the former SP general secretary has chosen to join the Telangana leaders fighting for statehood.

Addressing an agitation organised by the Telangana Lawyers Joint Action Committee at Parliament Street on Monday, Singh said, “The Telangana movement has got muscle and massive support. I want to extend every possible help to the movement and be its face and voice.”

With no political party willing to take the high-profile leader into its fold, the leader understandably wants to become the torchbearer of any cause that is the flavour of the season. “When the issue of Telangana came up in parliament, I couldn’t say anything in its favour as the SP was against splitting states. Now I want to work for creation of such states as I feel they are essential for balanced development,” Singh said.

The agitation, which coincided with the first day of the parliament’s budget session, also saw leaders BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar, Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) chief Ajit Singh and Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha’s (BMM) Raja Bundela. Ajit Singh and Bundela have been advocating the formation of Harit Pradesh and Bundelkhand respectively.

Amar Singh, who wants a state of Poorvanchal carved out from UP, is organising a rally in UP’s Azamgarh on March 25. He has invited Ajit Singh, Bundela and leaders from Telangana and Vidarbha to join the rally.

The pro-Telangana fury reached close to the doors of parliament later in the day, with over 200 protesting lawyers breaking the police cordon at Parliament House Annexe, just 100 meters from parliament precincts.

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_expelled-from-samajwadi-party-amar-singh-bats-for-separate-telangana_1351379


1. VChangeU - ఫిబ్రవరి 24, 2010

One more jobless politician is on track of bifurcation of states.

Telangana agitation is reckoned to be handiwork of jobless politicians, they have no value within their party.
Telangana supporting leaders want to win the race of CM & Cabinet positions rather than developments in the state.

If they are so concerned about the Telangana people and the developments in the region, they should work out a development agenda and fight for the same rather than demanding for separate state.

2. ravindra kumar - ఫిబ్రవరి 25, 2010

thereis no alternate except to formation of telangana state. It is appropriate to form three regions into three states i.e. Andhra Rayalaseema and Telangana for the administrative convenience of the people as well as the development of three states. In the first instance all should support for formation of Telangana.
jai telangana.. jai jai telangana.

3. VChangeU - ఫిబ్రవరి 25, 2010

No one is dominating Telangana people or region, even I’m from Telangana region born and bought up in MahabubNagar, I did my KG to PG in MahabubNagar also I could check with my contacts in Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Nizamabad…95 people of 100 are interested to have a Unity and voting for United Andhra Pradesh.

Even now I visit Mahabubnagar & Warangal every week to meet my family friends…I always take the feedback from them on Telangana issue…they never ever want to divide the state of AP in to pieces…
I traveled to Jadcherla, Shadnagar, Vanparthy, kosgi, narayanpet, nagarkurnul, kodangal, pargi, makthal, achampet and many more thandas to collect the feedback from the locals along with my team of 80 members.

Similarly my friends in Nalgonda, Warangal & Nizamabad have done similar exercise and collected the data….the outcome was more than 90% of Telanagana people are willing to support the United AP.
We are going to submit the same report to Central Govt in next week with complete survey report to justify the facts..
Telangana will not be formed even after 50 years from now, then we will find a new Political party in 2060 “TRXP – Telanagan Rashtra Xtended Party ” saying we are fighting from past 100 years so give us a separate state.

We have witnessed plenty of Parties formed for Telangana and none of these parties could succeed in their goal.
But few Telangana Party members are Successive in big time by demanding money from various business people across the Telangana regions in the name of party fund. A new way of grabbing/begging money.

TPS – Telangana Praja Samithi founded in 1969 by Madan Mohan & Marri Channa Reddy.
TSS – Telangana Sadhana Samithi, formed in 2001 by A. Narendra
TRS – Telangana Rashtra Samithi, formed in 2001 by K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR)
TRP – Telangana Rashtra Party, formed on October 11 2002 by G. Innaiah (alias Gade Inna Reddy)
TCP – Telangana Communist Party, formed by S. Venkat Swamy
TJP – Telangana Janata Party, formed in March 2004 by Muralidhar Rao Deshpande
JTP – Jai Telangana Party, formed by P. Indra Reddy
TTPP – Talli Telangana Praja Party, formed in 2005 by Vijayashanti
NTPP – Nava Telangana Praja Party, formed in 2008 by T Devender Goud
PTS – Praja Telangana Samithi, formed in 2009 by Captain Karunakar Reddy & Paturi Karuna
On top of these we can find TRSF – Telangana Rashtra Sadhana Front, TJS – Telangana Jagarana Sena, TJC – Telangana Jana Chaitanya, Telangana Settlers Front and many more forces

Give me one reason why the telangana people not voted the telangana parties from past 50+ years…?????????

4. kanred - ఫిబ్రవరి 26, 2010


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