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Police attrocities endless, girls molested, scribes vehicles burnt : Jungle law in OU campus ఫిబ్రవరి 19, 2010

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Cops set ablaze scribe’s bike, JC admits in HC
TNN, Feb 19, 2010, 03.56am IST

HYDERABAD: Joint commissioner P S R Anjaneyulu on Thursday admitted in the High Court that it were the security forces who set ablaze the vehicle of ABN reporter M Narsing Rao.

Explaining the reasons that led to the police resorting to firing rubber bullets and lobbing tear gas shells on OU students on Feb 14, the police officer said, “We acted only to disperse the students who were continuously pelting stones on us. We also had credible information that outside extremist elements were inside the campus, who could not be nabbed due to various reasons.”

When he maintained that no girl student was molested, Justice L Narasimha Reddy said: “You have the audacity to say that no girl was molested? Your approach is totally anti-people. You should have told the court that you will verify the facts and get back. Which girl will make a false complaint?” Then turning to advocate general D V Sitaram Murthy, the judge said: “This officer is showing no signs of repentance or remorse.” When the judge asked who were behind burning the scribe’s vehicle, Anjaneyulu said, “We had information that some of the police personnel had burnt it.”

“But your home minister says that the police were innocent. Even yesterday, you arrested some students. Why didn’t you arrest the cops who burnt the vehicle? All through, the home minister was describing the students as offenders and the police as innocent. But it seems that the reverse is true,” the judge observed.

When he wanted to know if government was informed that the vehicle was burnt by police, Anjaneyulu said he had informed the DGP. The judge then sought an action taken report from the DGP. When asked who had ordered deployment of paramilitary forces on OU campus, Anjaneyulu pleaded ignorance and said it happened during the transition period between B Prasada Rao relinquishing charge and A K Khan taking over as Hyderabad police commissioner.

The judge who clubbed the petitions of the scribe and the one filed by nine OU students demanding a CBI inquiry into the police action sought a detailed affidavit within 10 days from the state and the police explaining the reasons for the situation that led to the police excesses.

The judge also wanted the authorities to state the material before them for justifying the deployment of paramilitary forces in OU. “If the reply is not satisfactory, I will have no hesitation in ordering a CBI inquiry into the OU incidents,” he said.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Cops-set-ablaze-scribes-bike-JC-admits-in-HC/articleshow/5590520.cms



1. VChangeU - ఫిబ్రవరి 19, 2010

Why a Telangana state?
Today some Political parties and Junk Action committees in AP argue that small states develop well, resources will belong to the locals only, and local leaders will do all good for them, and the locals will get better employment.
Look at the small states like Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur formed long ago and also Jarkhand, Uttaranchal, Chattisgadh formed a few years back.
There is absolutely no development in these states nor is there any hope of development in the future. Then why do we need a separate state?

2. VChangeU - ఫిబ్రవరి 19, 2010

Even the students were misguided by the so called Junk Action Committees.
Lets save the future of our students and be a part of their success.

Hoping that the Supporters of small separate states will give up their anti-people policies by understanding the outcome in better way.


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