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OU turns war zone again- lathicharge, teargas, rubber bullets ఫిబ్రవరి 15, 2010

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Osmania University turns war zone again
The Time of India, TNN, 15 February 2010

HYDERABAD: Osmania University turned volatile yet again on Sunday evening. Police and students fought pitched battles for over five hours. At the end of the police mayhem, nearly 40 students, including seven girl students, suffered injuries.

Police fired teargas shells, rubber bullets, snapped power to some hostels, broke streetlights and tried every trick in the book to quell the agitators, but the students fought pitched battles.

At around 6 pm, OU Joint Action Committee (JAC) wanted to take out a rally with hundreds of students demanding public representatives quit their posts.

Trouble started when one of the students, Bhaskar, was roughed up by police personnel for trying to lead the rally out of the campus. A heated argument ensued between the two groups. With police refusing to allow the students to take out the rally, the agitating students reportedly set fire to tents of police and paramilitary personnel near Arts College and a lathicharge ensued.

At around 6.30 pm, police personnel, in small groups, tried to chase away students from Arts College to their hostels and in the process rained lathis on students. Several students who had stayed back in their hostels without participating in the agitation were also targeted.

With some students retaliating with stones, the seething policemen damaged many vehicles, including OB vans of some news channels, parked near Arts College.

Meanwhile, policemen sealed off all entry/exit points to the campus with barbed wires turning it into a virtual police camp. They did not allow even ‘108’ ambulances into the campus.

“We were chased like dogs and beaten. I saw many girl students running helter-skelter. One girl was dragged by her hair by policemen and kicked on the stomach,” Bujji Babu, an OU student, said.

Nagamani, a post-graduate student of politicalscience department, suffered severe injuries on her neck as she was hit by the heel of a lathi.

However, violence spilled over to the nearby Manikeswari Nagar when the local residents tried to march to OU campus to assist the injured students. The residents who had gathered in hundreds were chased away by the cane-wielding policemen.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/OU-turns-war-zone-again/articleshow/5574474.cms



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