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Resignation drama of AP MLAs ends జనవరి 31, 2010

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AP MLAs’ resignations rejected

Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker N. Kirankumar Reddy on Saturday rejected the resignations tendered by 129 MLAs on “technical grounds”, terming them “not in order” as per the rules and procedures of the House.

This has brought to conclusion the resignation drama enacted by MLAs cutting across party lines following the announcement of the formation of Telangana by the Centre.

The move comes even as the Supreme Court is entertaining a public interest litigation seeking an order to the Speaker to accept the resignations pending with him.

Addressing a crowded media conference in the evening, Mr Reddy said he received resignation letters from 222 of the 294 MLAs almost a month-and-a-half ago. Of them, 92 members had withdrawn their resignation letters leaving 130 pending with him, he said.

The Speaker said that after consultations with several constitutional experts and after going through the relevant procedures, he found that 129 out of 130 resignations were not in the prescribed form envisaged by the Constitution and rules and procedure of the House.
“There is only one resignation letter which was in order,” he said. “I have decided to speak to the concerned member and take a final decision.”

Sources said that Telugu Desam Legislature Party deputy leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy’s resignation alone was “in order” and the Speaker’s office had already intimated the MLA for meeting.

Several MLAs had put conditions and referred to other “irrelevant” aspects in their resignations, which is against rules of procedure.
Mr Reddy said the decisions of the Speaker could not be questioned because his authority and power were vested by the Constitution.

He added that the Speaker ought to take decisions in the overall interest of the state and the country. The state cannot afford to spend Rs 100 crores on byelections, he pointed out.

Mr Reddy said that this was the first time in the country that so many members had submitted resignations over an emotional issue and he decided to wait to deal with it because of the prevailing law and order situation in the state

Source: http://epaper.asianage.com/Asian/AAge/2010/01/31/ArticleHtmls/31_01_2010_001_022.shtml


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