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Only one out of 130 resignations is proper, TRS to submit again జనవరి 31, 2010

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Telangana: AP Speaker Rejects Resignations of 129 MLAs

Outlook, Hyderabad, Jan 30, 2010 22:59 IST

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kirankumar Reddy today rejected the resignation letters of 129 MLAs, out of 130, submitted to him over the demand of formation of Telangana state.

Reddy said he received resignations of 222 members belonging to various parties on Telangana issue. However, since 92 were withdrawn, 130 letters were pending with him.

“I had personally examined every resignation letter and carefully went through Constitution rules. I rejected 129 letters as they are not as per rule. I will call the member whose resignation letter is in order and discuss with him,” the Speaker told mediapersons.

He refused to divulge the name of the member whose resignation letter was in order. He said he was trying to talk to that member since morning but could not get in touch with the MLA.

He expressed concern over the ongoing agitations. He said as many as 50 lakh students in the state will have to appear for various examinations and they cannot afford to lose an academic year.

He also hinted that political uncertainty may lead to another assembly election which would put a burden of Rs 100-crore on the state exchequer.

“It is all taxpayers’ money. We have no right to hold election,” Reddy said, adding, “I discussed with legal experts like advocate general and Supreme Court lawyers what a speaker should do at this juncture.”

Answering to query on the delay in taking a decision to reject the letters, he said, Speaker can take time if the resignation is on emotional basis.

“We should give a chance to the member to withdraw. I kept quite because of the emotional situation prevailed in the state. Decision on issue like this should not cause a law and order problem,” the Speaker said.

He said the decision is in accordance with the power of the Speaker and constitutional obligation.

Meanwhile, reacting to the Speaker’s decision to reject resignation of the 129 MLAs of Telangana area, TRS — which has 10 MLAs — said they would submit resignations again as per the procedure.



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