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Telangana protests turn violent – BBC జనవరి 20, 2010

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India Telangana separate state protests turn violent
BBC News 08:20 GMT, Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Violent protests have taken place in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to support the demand for a separate Telangana state.

Police have used sticks to break up a protest by students in Hyderabad city. A strike has shut down large parts of the state. The strike was called after a student committed suicide on Monday.

In December, the Indian government said that Telangana would be carved out of northern districts, but later said more consultations were needed. The state has seen violent protests for and against the proposed new state in recent weeks.

Violent protests

The strike has affected life in 10 districts of the state, including Hyderabad city, the BBC’s Omer Farooq in Hyderabad says.

The state authorities have taken 4,000 buses off the road to prevent them from being attacked and vandalised by the protesters. Shops, businesses, schools and colleges are closed.

Police have used batons to break up a demonstration by students at Osmania university. At least six students have been injured in the attack.

The students are refusing to allow the cremation of the body of Venugopal Reddy, the student who committed suicide on Monday in support of the formation of Telangana.

Earlier in January, a meeting of different political parties to discuss the issue failed to arrive at a consensus.

The leaders of the political parties who attended the meeting called for calm in Andhra Pradesh and agreed to hold further talks.
Correspondents say there are deep divisions within political parties over the Telangana issue.

In December, India’s Congress party-led government announced it would allow the creation of the new state irrespective of opposition. Congress is also in power in Andhra Pradesh. The announcement prompted widespread protests in Andhra Pradesh.

Opponents of the move are unhappy about having the present state capital, Hyderabad, which is home to many major information technology and pharmaceutical companies, transferred to Telangana.

Demonstrators for and against the new state have blocked roads and railways in Andhra Pradesh, while many schools, shops, offices and hotels remained closed for a second day.

The final decision to create a new state lies with the Indian parliament, but the state assembly must pass a resolution approving the creation of Telangana. The state legislature is sharply divided on the issue.

India’s Newest State

• Population of 35 million
• Formed from 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh, including city of Hyderabad
• Landlocked, predominantly agricultural area
• One of the most under-developed regions in India
• Culmination of 50-year campaign
• More than 400 people died in 1969 crackdown

Source http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8469405.stm



1. prashant - జనవరి 21, 2010

The north Telengana is full of marathi speaking people especially Nizamabad, Vikarabad etc.

Rather than cribbing about more andhra area people in governemnt jobs, KCR or even all Andhra pradesh politicians should worry more about Andhra people not getting enough jobs in companeis in hyderabad

In Pune in company called Techmahindra Ltd which purchased satyam computers more than 4 thousand telugu people were deliberately laid off. This company want to transfer more marathis to Hyderabad.
Telugu Employees were beated by marathi employees using MNS (maharashtra nava nirman sena men ) in TechMahindra during the recent maharashtra elections.

KCR should survey the central goverrment companiies and software companies to check and question why there are more non telugu people employed there.

KCR should go the Rashtrapati road and Ranigunj and Abids in Seccunderabad and check why only Marwadi and gujarati business men are settled there and why telangana people are not doing business there .

Nuclear fuel complex is full of mrathi employees recruited in Mumbai

maharashtra is preventing Telugu people from working in Maharashtra by making marathi as mandatory for outsiders.

Center should ban marathi from working in other states and there should be double taxation on products made in maharashtra and should be banned in other states.

Bajaj scooter made in Pune should be banned. Cars , trucks made by Tata, mahindra and mahindra should be banned from UP and Bihar. Then Companies will close shop in Maharashtra and set up factories out side maharashtra. then Marathis will have go outside state to work or become taxi drivers in Mumbai as they know only marathi.

2. krishna kireeti - ఆగస్ట్ 12, 2010

we dont want parties like mns,shiv sena in india.we r first indian after dat marati or telugu or kannad……its not possible for every company to open its plant in every state and by da way hyderabad is not ur fathers or kcr fathers property


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