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Vidarbha, Telangana ‘states’ welcome motorists at border జనవరి 18, 2010

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Vidarbha, Telangana ‘states’ welcome motorists at border
SifyNews 16 Jan 2010

Nagpur: Hundreds of motorists entering or leaving Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh were surprised to find new colourful hoardings welcoming them to new ‘states’ of Vidarbha and Telangana on Saturday. A group of slogan-shouting pro-Vidarbha and pro-Telangana activists erected the hoardings at the Kanyakumari-Varanasi National Highway 7, on the Maharashtra-Andhra Pradesh borders, around 180 km from here.

“Let the government take its own time over the long-pending issue of Vidarbha. As far as we are concerned, we have symbolically created the new Vidarbha ‘state’ here today,” Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) president Kishor Tiwari said over phone from the border area on Saturday evening.

The hoardings can be seen in Marathi and English with a map of Vidarbha region and in Telugu and English on the Telangana side, on the bridge of the Pen-Ganga river crisscrossing the state border here.

“Our agitation secured spontaneous and very enthusiastic support from the local villagers on both sides of the borders – 180 km from Nagpur and 325 km from Hyderabad,” Tiwari claimed. Over two dozen activists of the proposed separate Telangana state were also present when the hoardings were put up.

Bouyed by the response, the VJAS now plans to erect 50 similar ‘Welcome to Vidarbha’ signboards at all the border points of Maharashtra with Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka in the next couple of days.

Besides this, it will put up similar hoardings at all important towns, villages, district borders and other prominent places in the region, Tiwari said.

He said that Saturday’s action was in preparation of the proposed Vidarbha shutdown called by Vidarbha Nirman Sangram Samiti – an umbrella organisation of 68 political parties and pro-Vidarbha groups – next Wednesday, followed by the 180-km long, two-day march of over 250 farmers for a separate state.

Source: http://sify.com/news/vidarbha-telangana-states-welcome-motorists-at-border-news-national-kbqu4ddfjhc.html


1. Wajeed - జనవరి 18, 2010

abolish the zonal system and dont bark about the fast.There are many rural areas which need sufficient development.While ours being a poor country,our governments are still striving to meet the ends.when will we guys understand that there are wolves waiting on three sides of our borders to attack us and if we fight amongst ourselves then can we face an outside enemy.there are innumerable cases of cyber attacks,border encroachments,terrorist and moist infiltrations in the country and if you create a nuisance in telangana,the fire has spread to 20 other states and the center cannot control agitations with CRPF,our enemies are waiting for diverting our attention and then attack us from three sides.Do you even know that elected representatives are giving extortion money to naxalites???some of them got caught in warangal recently.
Why do telangana people think that they are above others???you have the capital city,central government has hundreds of companies in telangana,there are edu institutions,hospitals,railway and police stations in telangana than anywhere else.Why are you so adamant upon saying that what you say itself is true???
Everyone is giving their own version of injustices done to telangana and this is rogue behaviour.If only you have a consicence,you guys will ask for abolishing of zonal system across the state and discuss all possibilities for equitable sharingof water.Discuss it openly.
It is shameful to ask for a seperate state just to runaway and not to face facts.

2. Wajeed - జనవరి 18, 2010

Every sane person must under the true meaning of oneness and unity.I appeal to all telangana NRIs to read the below article,and instead of instigating hatred,you can help rural areas.


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