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Resignations bring constitutional crisis : Congress MP జనవరి 16, 2010

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‘Resignations will lead to a constitutional crisis’ Staff Reporter, The Hindu 16 Jan, 2010

Any hasty move will derail Telangana formation: Congress MP

• TD conspiring to destablise government and take advantage of the situation, say Congressmen
• Attribute the impending crisis to some political parties which went back on their stand

WARANGAL: Congress Member of Parliament S. Rajaiah and senior leader K. Dayasagara Rao opined that there is no need for the party leaders to tender their resignations on the separate Telangana issue.

The Congress leaders said the Central government had categorically stated that the process on separate Telangana had begun and hence the leaders should not resort to any hasty decision as it would only derail the process.

“By creating a constitutional crisis, the problem will not be solved. The TDP is conspiring to destablise the government and take advantage of the situation,” they pointed out.

Mr. Rao said the TDP had lost face both in Andhra and Telangana regions and is trying to gain political mileage from the ongoing turmoil.

He advised the Congress leaders not to play into the hands of the TDP leaders. Attributing the impending crisis to the some political parties which went back on their stand on separate Telangana, Mr. Rao said the Congress is committed to the issue and would deliver its promise made to the people of the region.

The pressure being exerted on the Telangana Congress leaders and consequent moves by the MLAs are only confusing the party high command.

“Since the party high command is seized of the issue, the leaders in Telangana region should strictly abide by its decision and withdraw their resignations enabling it to continue the process,” he explained.

The Congress Member of Parliament and Mr. Rao said the Union Home Minister only talked about a road map on wide range of consultations and not on whether to go ahead on separate Telangana State.

“A decision has already been taken on the issue. However, since the leaders of Rayalaseema and Andhra feel left out, the government proposes to engage them in further decision making process,” the Congress leaders pointed out.

source: http://www.hindu.com/2010/01/16/stories/2010011652940300.htm



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