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Glimpses of the Nizam’s Dominion – Cluade Campbell జనవరి 16, 2010

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Reprinting Deccan heritage

A rare 112-year-old book gets a reprint

The Hindu / Metro Plus Hyderabad, 14 Jan 2010

History Glimpses of Nizam’s Dominion

There is a new book on Hyderabad. Inside Husain’s Book Shop in Abids where they stock books on Hyderabad is a huge leather-bound volume and if you ask the shophand he will carefully remove the cellophane cover to show the leather bound book where each page is thick like a wedding invite. Glimpses of The Nizam’s Dominion by Claude Campbell published by C.P. Burrows in 1898 is now back in circulation thanks to the effort of Mohammed Safiullah and the Deccan Heritage Trust.

“The idea was suggested by a friend after we heard that one of the original books was auctioned for Rs. 1,38,000 by Osians. Then we approached the US Library of Congress for a permission to reprint the book and they told us that the copyright of the book is in the public domain. So, now we have printed 500 copies,” says Mohammed Safiullah.

“I spoilt three copies of the book during the digitisation process but it was worth the effort,” says Safiullah.

Flip through the pages and you will see the history of Hyderabad come alive with the 600 photographs some clicked by Raja Deen Dayal and others by a number of different photographers. So, there are photographs of three swordsmen who were the state executioners and there are also photographs of Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs, churches and other landmarks that a modern reader will find it difficult to believe.

A. Claude Campbell was no ordinary writer, he took up the task of this after he finished Glimpses of Bengal and another on western India where he put together photographs and text from a range of sources.

Though the book is rare enough, even rarer is the Urdu version of the book titled Tarikh Qalamrau Nizam that was published in 1899. Now that would be something to have in the public domain.

Glimpses of Nizam’s Dominion is priced at Rs. 6950

Source: http://www.hinduonnet.com/mp/2010/01/14/stories/2010011450030100.htm



1. Kerry Edwards - జనవరి 28, 2010

Brilliant – must have a copy as an Hyderabadi mulki – this is a valuable gem to own. How many times have I thought that this book should have been reproduced. Thanks to Mohammed Safiullah – he’s made my day. My g-grandfather is in there and all of the pictures from St George’s Church and Schools and numerous Anglo Indian notables of the day. AA Hussain was the book shop I shopped at as a child and I still do whenever in Hyderabad. Now it is selling the best book ever. Hold my copy please I have friends gettign there as soon as possible!!!

Thank you

2. mike medland - ఆగస్ట్ 20, 2010

Please could anyone give me some further information on the life and times of the author Arthur Claude Cambell who is my ancestor.

3. అనామకం - జనవరి 25, 2011

Dear Mike
I was intrigued to read the book Glimpses of Bengal by your ancestor in the British Library. I am also fascinated to know about him and his life and his incentive to produce such a wonderful book which my grandfather features in . DId you find out anything ?

4. అనామకం - మార్చి 6, 2011

Not yet, I am still trying to trace his life story, I know he was born in 1852, probably in Scotland, his father was a Henry Charles Campbell, however he married in 1886 in India and died in 1929 also in India. how he managed to produce two wonderful books, I believe there was a third as yet unpublished, I do not know as the finances must have come from somewhere.

5. Player - అక్టోబర్ 22, 2011

What a frankly fun piece of writing.


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