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Patang and new varieties of manja జనవరి 14, 2010

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New manja cuts deep

January 13th, 2010
By Our Correspondent

This Sankranti, in a bid to revive the dipping kite sales, vendors are trying to outwit each other by claiming that the manja they sell is the most “potent,” “sharp” and “dangerous”. While the most popular pick of the season is a new kind of manja made with wire, glass and iron ore, and may promise to make kite flying a victorious experience, the drastic possibilities of accidents and casualties that it brings worry city doctors.

Touted to be stronger and sharper, these manjas have youngsters like Mohammed Salman Khan, a student of Muffakham Jah College, queuing up outside stalls to get their hands on it. “I plan to go to the stalls at Mahankali Temple to get some of this new manja,” Salman says, adding, “This manja spells good news as it will help eliminate competition easily. I already have several cuts on my hands, since I have been flying kites for a week now. But, I love kite flying, so I couldn’t possibly give it up. Cuts are common during the season and shouldn’t be made a big deal of.”

Sai Kiran, an MS student, cannot agree more. He is heading to Charminar to stock up on this manja. “I will get myself the sharpest manja as cutting kites with this will be a breeze. I definitely hope to make more conquests this year.”

However, Dr S. Vijay Mohan, senior consultant physician Care Hospital, cautions against using the new kind of manja. “These manjas are dangerous,” he declares. “As it is, using manjas made of glass is risky business. With the new variant being made of wire, the cuts are deep enough to even slice the arteries. Often, when kids on the street fly kites, the twine tugs at the neck of motorists passing by. With the new manja, the cut can prove lethal.”

In the face of festivities however, people continue to ignore the chances of hazards, he laments.

Dr Rajesh Kabra, M.D. General Physician, Kamineni Hospital, also warns against possible infections caused by the presence of metals in this manja. “If powdered iron is being used, then the cuts stand a chance of being infected with Tetanus.” However, immediate first aid and prompt attention can help minimise any side effects. “Wash the cuts with warm water and dettol,” says Dr Kabra. “If the cuts are deep, visit a doctor for stitches and do not forget to take an anti-tetanus injection immediately.”

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/tabloids/new-manja-cuts-deep-605


1. Zeeshan - నవంబర్ 7, 2010

yar muje manja chiyea ha zaroor de do

2. అనామకం - జనవరి 13, 2012

koi manja ke bare mein likhta hi nahi..makers, types are important to know. History too. This business has more than 400 to 500% profit..need to get it global


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