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We are prepared to sacrifice our lives for T cause : DS జనవరి 12, 2010

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I’ll comment on Andhras when the time comes: DS
Express News Service: 12 Jan 2010

HYDERABAD: Besides the Telangana Joint Action Committee members’ criticism of Eluru MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao over his remark that appointing a Telangana leader as deputy chief minister would be an answer to the separate statehood issue, Pradesh Congress Committee chief D Srinivas has taken strong exception to Kavuri’s remarks.

“What do they (Andhra leaders) think about Telangana people? I will speak about them when the occasion comes,” he is learnt to have told his close aides from the Telangana region.

Meanwhile, senior Telangana Congress leader and former minister R Damodar Reddy has asserted that their agitation for separate Telangana state is not meant to get `posts’. In fact, Andhra leaders like Sambasiva Rao and others were trying to cause a rift among the Telangana people, he alleged.

“We (Telangana leaders) are not worried about posts. On the other hand, we are prepared to sacrifice our lives for the Telangana cause,” he claimed.

Referring to the all-party meeting convened by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in New Delhi on January 5, Damodar Reddy claimed that the leaders of Andhra and Rayalaseema had come to an opinion that the State was being bifurcated and felt the need for an experts committee to discuss water sharing, capital for Andhra, etc. In reality, all representatives at the all- party meeting had sought Telangana state formation.

“We (Telangana and Andhra people) should separate like brothers and cooperate with each other in future.”

Source: http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=I%E2%80%99ll+comment+on+Andhras+when+the+time+comes:+DS&artid=S9TNy1jnI|s=&SectionID=e7uPP4|pSiw=&MainSectionID=fyV9T2jIa4A=&SectionName=EH8HilNJ2uYAot5nzqumeA==&SEO=



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