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Protests at Telangana JAC meet జనవరి 12, 2010

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Protests at Telangana JAC meet over Sonia, Naidu remarks
Press Trust of India / Hyderabad January 12, 2010, 19:30 IST

The Telangana Political Joint Action Committee meeting here today witnessed ugly scenes following certain comments made against Telugu Desam Party president Chandrababu Naidu and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi by Dalit leader Manda Krishna.

Congress MLA R Damodar Reddy rose to his feet and strongly protested Krishna’s remarks even as TDP politburo member Nagam Janardhana Reddy too joined.

All hell broke loose at that stage as supporters of Krishna on one side and Congress and TDP workers on the other rushed on to the stage and shouted at each other at the top of their voice.

In the din, Damodar Reddy angrily charged towards Krishna as former home minister Jana Reddy tried to block his party colleague.

Even Nagam tried to rush towards Krishna but they were surrounded by a mob. Slogan-shouting by supporters on both sides caused utter chaos on the overcrowded dais and appeals by K Chandrasekhar Rao and JAC convenor Kodandaram fell on deaf ears.

At one point during the melee, Damodar Reddy was pushed down the dais but security personnel and his supporters rescued him.

Even after the acrimony, Krishna continued his diatribe against Naidu and Sonia saying they were the two main suspects in Telangana. Thus concluding his speech, Krishna walked out of the meeting in a huff.

Later, Kodandaram admitted that there were serious differences within the JAC.

“But we should set our differences aside and work together towards realising the common goal of Telangana,” he said.

Source: http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/protests-at-telangana-jac-meet-over-sonia-naidu-remarks/82906/on



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