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Telangana JAC seeks clear time frame జనవరి 6, 2010

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Telangana JAC seeks clear time frame
Business Line : Jan 6, 2010

NEW DELHI: The Telangana Joint Action Committee on Wednesday demanded that the Centre initiate steps for formation of a separate state within a “clear time frame” and resolved to continue its “peaceful” agitation till the decision is officially announced.

The committee, which met here a day after an all party meeting called by Home Minister Mr P Chidambaram ended in a stalemate, also expressed dismay over attempts to bring the element of Naxalism in the separate state movement. “We strongly condemn the campaign indulged by certain individuals and political parties regarding the entry of Naxalites in the movement. We resolved to counter this at all level,” said Mr C Kodandaram, convenor of the committee.

“Till the formation of the state is officially announced, the committee will continue the agitation peacefully for the Telangana state,” he added. The committee also decided to hold a meeting of all MLAs, MPs and MLCs in Hyderabad within the next few day s and meet there soon to decide the future course of action. – PTI

Source: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blnus/27061733.htm



1. telanganaprajasamiti - జనవరి 8, 2010

Where are the Maoists Mr. Home Minister?

The home minister Mr. Chidambaram, in the All Party meeting on 5th Jan, stressed the fact that the Maoists and Naxals are driving the demand and agitation for Telangana. The home minister based his presentation at the meeting on the report sent by the AP Governor Mr. ESL Narasimhan. Looks like the first task undertaken by the Hon Governor was to prepare the report on the influence of Naxals and Maoists in the Telangana struggle. We all agree the philosophy of violence and extremism is detrimental to our growth. And are managing our struggle in the most responsible and peaceful manner, even under extreme provocation. The Government banned our public meeting on the 3rd and forced us to get the go ahead from the High Court, and even then later on cut the power supply to disrupt our peaceful meeting.

Where do you see the naxals and the Maoists Mr. Chidambaram, were the two lakh students who participated in the Telangana Garjana naxals, is Prof K Jayashankar, the former VC of Kakatiya University a naxalite, or are the members of the Adilabad Bar Association who staged a rasta roko at Penganga river bridge on AP-Maharashtra border Maoist infiltrators. Or is it that the members of Telangana Employees Association, acting at the naxals behest. Or are the members of the “Telangana Pensioners Joint Action Committee”, all retired Govt employees being directed by the Maoists. You Mr. Home Minster, are trying to prepare the grounds for denying the 3.5 crore people of Telangana of their right to govern themselves.

We may not be as powerful or have the money power that those who have been exploiting us like the Rajagopal’s and the Andhra land mafia. But what we have is the will, determination and the grit to carve out our state. We have lived for 50 long years under the shackles of Andhra and Rayalseema domination and chose not to bear the oppression any longer. Read the writing on the wall Mr. Chidambaram, You and your leadership will have to acknowledge and heed to our demand for Telangana.

Jai Telangana
Jai Hind



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