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Telangana is a movement for self respect – Prof Seshaiah జనవరి 6, 2010

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Onus on Centre to carve out T – State
Prof S Seshaiah

New Indian Express: 06 Jan 2010 08:09:09 AM IST

In the context of uneven development in the State, the demand for regional equality and equality of opportunity for development is a democratic right.

The demand for a Telangana state is thus legitimate and needs to be recognised and respected by other regions. For the last five decades Telangana people have been fighting against injustice in the united State.

The region has been discriminated against and deprived of opportunities for development. Its colonisation and domination by people from coastal Andhra is quite evident in matters of governance and policy-making. Cultural suppression is another main reason for the emergence of Telangana movement. It is a movement for self-respect too. A separate State for Telangana people is therefore justified.

To secure statehood people of that region must be politically cautious and act diplomatically. They should take all precautions and avoid being deceived again by seasoned politicians and power-mongers. They should, at the same time, refrain from inciting ill feelings and misunderstandings in the people of other regions. Further, Telangana leaders of all political hues must unite and speak in one voice. The central leadership of the Congress must act judiciously and not deal with the issue merely for political gains.

One can understand from the statements of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram that the Central Government is committed to creating Telangana State. It is the responsibility of the Centre to remove the apprehensions aired by Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra people. It is the duty of the Congress to convince local leaders and make them take a united stand on Telangana. The Central Government should end the political crisis first and then start the constitutional process for formation of the new State. In the midst of political turmoil passage of a resolution in the State Assembly is not possible. The only alternative is to introduce a Bill in Parliament and refer it to the State Assembly for its opinion although passage of resolution is not mandatory under the Constitution.

In view of the divergent opinions expressed by the eight major recognised parties at the meeting held with Chidambaram in New Delhi on January 5 and also in view of the difficulty in having a resolution adopted by the Assembly, the Central Government can invoke the Constitutional provisions and carve out Telangana State.

The author is a professor in Sri Krishnadevaraya University



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