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Vidyarthi Maha Garjana : Students roar for Telangana జనవరి 4, 2010

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Students roar for Telangana

January 4th, 2010 IANS, PTI

Hyderabad, Jan. 3: The Osmania University Students Joint Action Committee on Sunday asked students of educational institutions in Telangana to adopt a “Gujjar style” in their agitation for statehood.

The JAC, which conducted its Vidyarthi Garjana at Arts College on the OU campus, spelt out details of the agitation which includes plans to block railway tracks and highways on January 5, when the Centre will hold its all-party meet on Telangana statehood.

The campus and surrounding areas echoed with ‘Jai Telangana’ slogans as lakhs of students converged on the campus. The meeting went off peacefully though there were occasional provocative remarks made by some JAC leaders.

The JAC passed several resolutions demanding introduction of the Telangana statehood Bill directly in Parliament as per Article 3 of the Constitution, without waiting for an Assembly resolution as the Union home minister, Mr P. Chidambaram had set out in the T-plan.

The JAC demanded payment of Rs 10 lakh ex gratia to the students who died in the pro-statehood agitations, apart from giving a government job to a member of the victim’s family.

The JAC resolved that Hyderabad is an integral part of Telangana and that Andhra and Rayalaseema have no right on it. They criticised the Telangana ministers for taking back their resignations even before the Centre made a clear statement on T-state.

During the course of the meeting, JAC leaders made calls to violence. One said, “We will attack Gandhi Bhavan and NTR Bhavan (party headquarters of the Congress and the Telugu Desam) if they try to obstruct formation of Telangana state.” Another said, “We will not allow people from Andhra to return (to the city) after their Sankranti vacation.”

“We will not allow those who speak against Telangana to live in Hyderabad,” another leader said, while one more added: “No Telangana student will appear for exams till the bifurcation process is initiated,”

A student leader, “We will not allow buses and trains from Andhra to Telangana on January 5,” and asked the TD chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu to break his silence on Telangana. They also warned the Lok Satta chief, Mr Jayaprakash Narayan, to stop lobbying against Telangana in New Delhi.




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