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Telangana divides Telugu Desam Party జనవరి 4, 2010

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Telangana divides TD
January 4th, 2010
By Our Correspondent, Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad, Jan. 3: The Telugu Desam is still in a dilemma over its position on the Telangana issue having both supporters and detractors for a separate state within its ranks.

It has also not selected its representatives for the all-party meeting to be held on Tuesday in New Delhi.

While leaders of other parties rushed to the national capital as early as Sunday, fearing that flights may be cancelled due to the foggy conditions prevailing currently in North India, the Telugu Desam chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, is dithering over his representatives for the meeting.

Earlier it was reported that the TD would send Mr K. Yerrannaidu and Mr Nagam Janardhan Reddy. But the party feared that Telangana leaders would object to Mr Yerrannaidu as he has been a staunch supporter of a united Andhra Pradesh.

He had made a statement that Telangana would not be a reality since it was just a political gimmick of the Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

This had considerably irked senior party leaders such as Mr T. Devender Goud, Mr Erraballi Dayakar Rao, Mr Nagam Janardan Reddy, Mr Motkupalli Narsimhulu, and Mr Harshwar Reddy.

“We will not allow anyone to hurt the feelings of Telangana people. The issue was brought to the notice of Mr Naidu also. We don’t think the TD chief would support united Andhra Pradesh movement directly since the TD is also very strong in the Telangana region,” said a senior leader of the Telangana region.

Mr Chandrababu Naidu said that reports that appeared in a section of the electronic media suggesting that the TD would not support bifurcation of the state were wrong. The TD was waiting for the Congress to declare its stand on the issue.

The TD party office secretary, Mr T.D. Janardana Rao, also issued a statement explaining that the party had not taken any stand on the united Andhra Pradesh issue. Mr Rao said: “We have strongly objected to the telecast of such reports in a section of the electronic media.”




1. Mahi - జనవరి 4, 2010

I really feel that the party gonna with stand as a single unit, becz NCBNaidu has got the caliber of controlling his members. If the andhra MLAs and MPs wont suppot TELANGANA its their mistake of not raising this issue at the time of NCBNaidu making a statement that they support seperate telangana.

I would appreciate any andhra member if they would have opposed this statement. But it didn’t happen so they must accede with their leaders statement to bolster formation of independent TELANGANA.


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