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Telangana state is essential to end exploitation by Andhra : Srinivas Raj డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

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‘The people of Telangana are treated as second-rate citizens’
rediff.com December 31, 2009 16:00 IST

When Jawaharlal Nehru announced the formation of a united Andhra Pradesh, he commented, “an innocent girl called Telangana is being married to a naughty boy called Andhra. It is their choice to continue or to get separated.”

Today the people of Telangana say that the innocent girl can no longer stay married to the naughty boy. Several proponents of the movement say that it is high time their ‘state’ is given back to them.

Dr Srinivas Raj, one of the leaders of the Telangana movement, has prepared a ready reckoner on the issue. Raj along with several others has been distributing this booklet among the people of Telangana and convincing the people why this movement is important and how their lives would change once Telangana is created.

In this interview with rediff.com’s Vicky Nanjappa, Raj gives an interesting insight about the movement for a separate Telangana. He also goes into length about the backroom politics that is being played in trying to curb this movement.

Could you give us a brief history of the Telangana movement?

We talk of Jalianwala Bagh with such great interest. No one wants to even think of the massacre that took place in Telangana, when the Nizam was ruling us. The Hyderabad state was under the Nizam and Urdu was the official language at that time. Right from that time, the people of Telangana were being suppressed. The Nizam’s army butchered the people of Telangana who fought for their rights and there were at least 6 Jalianwala Bagh-like incidents at that point of time. The problem is that we continue to get suppressed even today and that is why we feel that a separate state is required.

You had a separate state, then what happened?

Between 1948 and 1956 Telangana was a separate state. Hyderabad had several industries including two airports. A lot of attention was focused on the Telangana region and this area had a lot of infrastructure. Time magazine had in 1937 featured V Usman Ali Khan as the wealthiest man in the world. This only speaks of the wealth that there was in this region.

Once Andhra and Rayalseema came out of the Madras presidency, the people of those regions thought that it would be best to merge Telangana with their regions. Our assembly building, the high court buildings were all from the Nizam’s period. In 1909, M Visveswaraya, the father of engineering, constructed an underground drainage system in Hyderabad, which is being used even today. 69 per cent of the Krishna river’s catchment area is in Telangana. The revenue that was being generated in the Telangana region was much more when compared to Andhra and Rayalseema.

The fact that Dr B R Ambedkar had said that Hyderabad should be made the second capital of India speaks volumes about the region. Moreover Hyderabad is a connecting point between north and south India. They wanted ready-made infrastructure which was in abundance in Telangana and hence they managed to pressurise the government of India to consider their decision.

Which promises were broken when the Union government merged Telangana with Andhra?

The very first promise that was broken was regarding the name of the state. The Union government had promised us that the state would be known as the Andhra Telangana state. However overnight, the leaders from the Andhra and Rayalseema regions managed to convince the government to change the name to Andhra Pradesh. After that the leaders of the two other regions worked consistently to make Telangana a backward region. Another instance of a broken promise is the fact that the Shriram Sagar water project in Nizamabad has been in cold storage for the past 40 years.

What is the main justification for seeking a separate state? Do you really think that things would improve?

It is absolutely important that we be given a separate state. Our accent and our culture is different. Our style is very Deccan and we use a lot of Urdu when we speak. We have a mixture of northern and southern style. We even celebrate Holi. We have every reason to demand for a state. To be honest, if Telangana is carved out it would be bigger than 100 countries in the world and larger than 18 states in the country. Once Telangana is carved out it will be 1,14,800 square kilometers.

What we fail to understand is that how did the government manage to bypass all of you and merge Telangana?

We concentrated more on development and not politics. The simple fact is that we did not have access to the central leadership in the same way as the leaders of Andhra and Rayalseema had.

How do the people of Telangana region look at the people of the rest of Andhra Pradesh?

The question should be the other way around. Since day one, we have been treated like second-rate citizens. Depriving us of development is one issue, but the fact that everyone makes fun of us is also an important point in Telangana. Take the film industry for instance. There are no cinema heroes from our region. Moreover what hurts the most is that the language spoken by the people of Telangana is always attributed to a joker or a villain in the movies.

There has been terrible violence due to this issue. Would you want to justify that?

The violence is not half of what the media has been projecting it to be. In the Telangana region, the Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation faced a loss of Rs 7 crore due to the protests. This was mainly because the bus services were shut down and also due to incidents of stone pelting. Whereas in Andhra and Rayalseema the losses were to the tune of Rs 70 crore and this was largely because buses were being burnt.

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited too had said that at the Shrikrishna Devaraya University at Rayalseema, students had burnt its optic fibres which resulted in a loss of Rs 2 crore.

There was also an incident in which supporters of J C Divakar Reddy in Rayalseema had bombed a railway station, causing a loss of Rs 10 crore. Now it is clear that the people of Telangana have not been protesting in these regions. We have only protested in a democratic manner. All these statistics have never been reported by the media since 95 per cent of the media is being controlled by barons from the Andhra and Rayalseema regions. The media too has been asked to project only incidents taking place in the Rayalseema region. Please understand this is our demand for the past 50 years, it is not something that has happened overnight.

What is your view on the flip flop by political parties in Andhra Pradesh?

Both the Telegu Desam Party and the Praja Rajyam Party had said that they would support the bill if it is introduced. Till the 2009 elections, the TDP was against Telangana, but at the time of the polls they joined hands with the Telangana Rashtra Samiti since it felt that the demand was very strong. Today due to pressure from the other regions, they are backtracking.

Many legislators raised a point saying that the Union government had acted in haste by announcing the formation of a separate state at midnight. I would like to ask them whether they had a problem when India got independence at midnight.

This issue has scared off investors. Aren’t you worried that the economy of the region will suffer?

The people of Andhra and Rayalseema have purchased land from the poor people of Telangana at throw away prices. Over the years they have inflated the prices. These persons are worried. There is also the middle class which has invested in land in the Telangana region. I would say for a fact that the prices would drop by half once Telangana is formed. However this is temporary. Once the state is formed and the Telangana government invites investors, the real estate would be back to normal.

Finally, there is a murmur that Y S Jaganmohan Reddy (son of late chief minister Y S Rajeshakara Reddy) could be behind all this in a bid to overthrow K Rosaiah. What is your take on this?

(Laughs), He is very much behind the scenes or at least was behind it. He did try and overthrow Rosaiah by escalating the tension. However things went out of control when the movement went into the hands of the Telangana people. He is now in soup since there is pressure from the people of his belt. He is now trying to paint a different picture to come out of the soup.

Vicky Nanjappa

source: http://news.rediff.com/interview/2009/dec/31/andhra-crisis-telangana-ppl-treated-as-second-class-citizens-srinivas-raj.htm?invitekey=5ea585825111928e02f4d9dc29bdd51b



1. Telangana state is essential to end exploitation by Andhra … | Telugu News Station - డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

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2. Ranga - జనవరి 20, 2010

It makes sense to separate Telangana from Andhra

December 9, 2009 was a defining moment for Telangana. At midnight the Home Minister of India, Mr. P. Chidambaram, announced the initiation of forming Telangana State and instantly Telangana burst into joy and jubilance. Every nook and corner witnessed the spectacle of celebrations that symbolized the culmination of fifty some years of struggle seemingly into fruition. But the news was gloom and doom for opponents of Telangana from Andhra region. They flooded the internet with blurred blogs that reasoned against the formation but those reasons bore very little semblance to truth. They were heavily laced with mistaken facts and muddied truth. They stoked the fears that Andhra settlers in Hyderabad would be driven out to their native places.

Barring a few, the picture was no different with some news papers of national standing that peppered the government on the rationality in forming a new state. Here again the articles were laden with misinformation symptomatic of missing means to unearth the facts. The fact that the first SRC preferred against the merger was simply brushed aside. The fact that Prime Minister Nehru promised to nullify the merger if it proved harmful to Telangana interests was conveniently ignored. So much so it was all hot air and little substance through and through.

This article is an attempt to shed light on the historical facts to substantiate the Government”s move to initiate Telangana formation. As an additional reading I urge the readers to browse through Mr. T.V.R. Shenoy”s article Why is everyone scared of small states?

The incessant trumpeting in the media that Telangana is being carved out of Andhrapradesh or Andhrapradesh is being bifurcated is erroneous. This would be true if Telangana was ever a homogeneous part of Andhra or Madras Presidency. But the fact remains that Telangana had an independent existence as part of Hyderabad State up until November 1, 1956 when it was merged with Andhra in contravention to the Justice Fazl Ali Commission”s report and against the wishes of Telangana people.

Announcing the Government”s decision to merge the two regions, Jawaharlal Nehru, the then prime minister, said on March 5, 1956 in Nizamabad of Telangana,

“Ek masoom ki bachchi (Telangana) ko, ek natkhat (Andhra) ke saath shadi ho raha hai. Ka-yee din ke baad me ittefaq nahi hone ke vaje se talaaq de sakthe hain.”
(Ref: Indian Express March 6, 1956)

The above parable says it all. Talaaq was an option offered to Telanganites to secede from the merger if the merger proved harmful to Telangana.

The fifty years of merger has seen Telangana high and dry. Its waters were clandestinely diverted to Andhra. Today its land is dry, parched and un-tillable. Agreed protections against the jobs for Telangana were nixed. The surplus revenue that Telangana had before the merger was all but consumed for the development of Andhra. The present struggle for separation to its original state is an exercise of the option (talaaq) given by Nehru. It is neither carving out a new State nor bifurcating Andhrapradesh.

Culturally the two regions are miles apart. Telangana culture is a unique blend of Adivasi, Mughlai, Maharashtrian, Kannadiga and North Indian cultures. To pitch for togetherness on the basis of homogeneous culture is like trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Although the 54 years of Andhra hold on Telangana has made some inroads into cultural amalgam, the differences are still conspicuous. Vast differences existed in the days of Nizam”s rule. The native dresses of Telanganites still differ from those of Andhras. In the days of yore native Telangana men wore turbans and dhotis while Andhras preferred lungis and bare heads. Telangana women in pre-independence days wore saris in style similar to rural women in Maharashtra. The cuisines of both regions are vastly different. Telangana cuisines reflect Moghlai and Islamic tastes while Andhra cuisines are heavily reflective of Tamilian mould.

There are appreciable differences in languages. Telangana language is more overlayed with Urdu, Maharashtrian and Hindi words. In my growing up years we were taught to address our uncle as kakayya, a Marathi derivative. It was common to address one”s mother as Mataji. Plenty of Urdu words are intertwined into Telangana Telugu such as Pa-ray-shan (worry), Sa-maj (understand). The tones are different so also the verb endings. All in all the Telangana and Andhra Telugu languages are very incongruous. It is fair to say that they are two different dialects.

Many Telangana festivities are not found in Andhra region such as Holi, Bathkamma, Bonalu, Kolatam, etc. Telanganites fly kites during Sankranthi in a frenzy of passion that is comparable to kite flying in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Incidentally Telanganites observe Muslim festivals too. Peerila festival (muharram) is one of them.

The subject of Telangana culture is copious and a detailed discussion of it will be voluminous. But for now I will provide a pointer to a speech of an illustrious Telangana writer Kaloji Narayan Rao

“Telangana life styles are different, Telangana language is different.”

Development is a multifaceted task aimed at providing basic human needs at one end and luxurious life styles at the other end. Economy and beautification of Hyderabad are two other facets.

The unabated vociferous chanting by people from Andhra for credit for Hyderabad”s development is a hollow rhetoric. It is a good try but a tricky dick trick. A little development towards a stench-free drive across Musi river would have sanitized their claim for credit. But alas, the stench still stays all the way along the river!

City of Hyderabad was judged as highly developed prior to India”s independence. It ranked high among the beautiful cities in India in terms of cleanliness, underground sanitation, gardens, wide roads, lakes, robust infrastructure and sustainable economy. Nizam of Hyderabad was once the richest person in the world. This does not mean that the people were rich, but meaningfully it could be interpreted that the sweat and toil of the people made him rich.

The precious Kohinoor diamond came from Hyderabad. The old buildings are still the architectural marvels that reflect the fusion of Islamic, Italian and Hindu architectures. Some examples of these are Charminar, Osmania University, Mecca Masjid, Falaknuma palace, Assembly building, etc. Spawned around the city are beautiful lakes – Hussain Sagar, Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar. These developments do not bear the seal of Andhra investors.

The merger of the two regions also saw the slow death of the Telangana indurtries viz: Ajamjhahi mills, Sirpur sirsilk mills, Anthargam spinning mills, DBR mills, Alwyn metal works, Praga Tools, Republic forge. The Nizam Sugar Factory is now on the verge of extinction. This record does not add up to any development.

Huge monstrous ugly cement flyovers eclipsing the beauty of the city do not constitute development either. Adding bricks, mortar and cement to the already overcrowded city leaving debris all over is not a measure of development. Sathyam Computers, sure is an Andhra investment but one mired in fraud and deception. Could this be a barometer for development? Whatever development that Hyderabad achieved through government investment is neither the generosity of Andhras nor that of Telanganites.

Hi Tech city lies way out in the suburb of Hyderabad and it does not constitute part of Hyderabad per say. It survives because of foreign investments such as Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Motorola, Deloitte, HSBC, GE, and out of state investors like Tata Consultancy, Infosys, Wipro, etc. Should we call these as Andhra investors? It beats me.

It is no denying that ever since the merger of the two, Hyderabad had become a Mecca for shady real estate dealers with expertise in land grabbing and illegal acquisitions of government lands in collusion with the men in power. The expensive media blitz unleashed now by Andhras, whipping the fear of getting evicted if Telangana were to separate has no truth. Instead, it has the lurking fear of losing the lucrative real estate shenanigans in and around Hyderabad, and the chilling reality of being exposed to legal investigation into their ill gotten money by the incoming Telangana government.

Telanganites by nature are passive, submissive, hard working and law abiding – a modus Vivendi cultivated under the suppressive kingly reigns and harsh democratic rules unfriendly to their wellbeing. They learned to suffer and live happily among all Indians – Andhras, Tamilians, Muslims, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Marwaris, Maharashtrians, Kannadigas, and you name it. Their history and culture is a rich derivative from the people from different faiths and regions. They will always welcome any Indian willing to settle among them and that includes Andhras.

In whichever way you look at it, it makes sense to separate Telangana from Andhra. The twain shall live in harmony guided by the principle of “Live and let live.”

3. wajeed - జనవరి 21, 2010

Heloooowwww,what were you doing all this time???you wait until development is done and the finally want them to go away.is this even fair???its like red indians asking americans to leave now.If Americans are ready to leave USA then Andhra people will also leave telangana

4. venkat - జనవరి 30, 2010

Wajeed great…
you are a muslim
being a muslim you have to explore your thought process…you have to write about Iraq before mentioning about Red Indians…Iraqi people demanding America to leave their country as soon as possible…OK now start from that angle you will find good answers Mr Wajeed

5. abdul khadir - జనవరి 30, 2010

Wajeed bhai..Andhras never developed Telangana but they have exploited innocent Telangana people.I think you are from Andhra..if you look at our muslim community that even there is division in Andhra muslim and hydrabadi muslim. Telugu or muslims from Andhra are not accepted by Telangana people. We treat all the andhras as cunning, opportunistic and now with samika andhra word they even dont have self respect.

6. Giri - అక్టోబర్ 30, 2010

Nice article .. please answer the below questions :
1.What was TRS leader contribution towards development of Telangana till now ? he was there in TDP party from 1985 to 2000 and in this TDP has come to power thrice and KCR did not do anything for TG in this time and started a new party in 2000 since he did not get minister post in TDP ..
2.What was KCR doing when Mr.Naidu was developing Hyd as an IT brand .. when everything is developed now KCR claims that we exploited Telangana and wants TG state with Hyd city ..
3. Please find the link of Andhra leader biggest effort in making Hyd as an IT ICON http://www.leader4ever.com/road_map_of_ap.html
today Hyd has 200IT Companies /1.5Lakh software engineers/ 35000Crores IT exports ..as on 2008-2009

a)Now my quesiton is this not a sincere effort ?
b)If Andhra would have not merged with Telangana in 1956 then we would have had a separate capital atleast equal to PUNE city by this time [all the 54 years of efforts would have been on our capital itself ,andhra investors would have invested in our Andhra region only, IT investement would have come to Andhra region also ]…. .but now its too late for both regions looking for new things..
4) First i would like to question the author as to
a)Whether any one in Andhra did a big fast for merger with Telangana State in 1956 ?
b)What were doing with the surplus budget in till 1956 ? why was it not used in the development of Telangana from 1948 -1956 .. does this shows that these people were under slavery and dont know how to use budget ? or they want some one to guide them .. i guess the SRC has also taken this into consideration ..
Infact the merger happenned because they were advantages of Visalandhra [AP State] , it was not a forceful merger .. the Andhra people have said it is for the Telangana people to decide their future and it up their willingness to join ..
5. Yes Nehru said they can separate but he did mention that they can stay for a period of 5years and can separate in 1961 if they dont like .. he never said separation at any time ..infact in 1969 TG Agitation ..Indira Gandhi belonging to the same Nehru family having sharing same blood ..never wanted to divide the AP State .. so people within the same family have different thoughts ..
So my suggestion to the author is to present things taking into consideration from both sides of the region ..

7. Krishna Mohan Ranga - నవంబర్ 12, 2010

The thought, the process and the after effects of divorce will be painful, whether it is between man and wife or between people.

Exploitation and abuse leads to demands for divorce. Any amount of explaining, crying and asserting will not stop action and demands for seperation, only good deeds and sincerity will.

Those who want status quo to be maintained, should instead of accusing, ridiculing and indulging in any other form of ill treatment against Telanganites, should do some good work to earn their good-will.

8. Congress at war for a new Telangana State - జూలై 4, 2011

[…] Jawaharlal Nehru announced the formation of a united Andhra Pradesh, he commented, “an innocent girl called Telangana is being married to […]

Raj - ఆగస్ట్ 27, 2011

I have heard this statement a lot of times.. Can someone prove that Nehru really said it? Ref to book, print extract etc?


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