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TDP MLA Nagam slippered on OU campus డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

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Nagam slippered on OU campus

Express News Service, 25 Dec 2009

HYDERABAD: TDP legislator from Nagarkurnool in Mahaboobnagar district, Nagam Janardhan Reddy, was thrashed with slippers and chased out of the Osmania University campus here on Wednesday. The Government ordered a CID inquiry into the incident.

The vicious attack on the most vocal leader of the TDP unfolded near the Arts College when he went there along with his colleagues T Devender Goud, Kadiam Srihari, Revanth Reddy and E Dayakar Rao to express solidarity with students injured in police action a few hours earlier. By the time the TDP MLAs arrived, about 12 members of the OU joint action committee were on a hunger strike demanding statehood for Telangana and MLC and academician Chukka Ramaiah, TRS legislator E Rajender and some lawyers were addressing a gathering of more than 5,000 students.

Janardhan Reddy first stepped out of his vehicle, shouting Jai Telangana only to be greeted with Go Back Nagam slogans. An irritated Nagam argued with his hecklers, that it was not TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao alone who was fighting for a separate Telangana.

Within minutes, slippers rained down upon the TDP legislators. Dayakar Rao and Revanth Reddy retreated to the lawns of the Arts College. Janardhan Reddy, Devender Goud and Srihari too got back into their vehicles but their way was blocked and stones were hurled at them. They got down along with their gunmen and tried to break free from the mob. Devender Goud and Srihari managed to escape after braving a few blows. But the portly Janardhan Reddy could not. The mob beat him black and blue, some with bare hands, others with slippers. They chased him till the main road where he collapsed. Even then, the protestors didn’t stop and kicked him. An unidentified person on a two-wheeler freed the MLA from their clutches. Nagam was later taken to a hospital. He was not hurt seriously.



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