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Telangana – Too early for victory rallies డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

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New Indian Express, 11 Dec 2009 12:44:09 AM IST

Too early for victory rallies

One crisis has ended and another has begun. By announcing that the process for forming a separate State of Telangana would be initiated, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has presented to Telangana protagonists a return birthday gift that even they did not expect from her. Though Sonia’s decision is seen as a step to end the crisis sparked off by the fast-unto-death of Telangana Rashtra Samithi chief K Chandrasekhara Rao, she appears to have been influenced by more than that — the fact that the demand existed for five decades and also the fact that she made this commitment five years ago but could not fulfil it because of stiff opposition from late chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. That smaller states would prevent the emergence of powerful local leaders like YSR who has grown bigger than the party itself and would also weaken regional formations like the Telugu Desam Party may have also weighed on her mind.

But the somewhat unexpected move has triggered a political turmoil and double game. Several MLAs of the party from Rayalaseema and coastal regions have resigned protesting the move though it appears to be an impulsive reaction aimed at protecting their base and may not derail the Rosaiah government. Chandrababu Naidu declared in the House only a few days ago that TDP would support a resolution in favour of creating Telangana, hoping it would never move it. Caught unawares and with his party MLAs too handing out resignation letters, Naidu backed out. True to his style, he is conveniently forgetting that he promised creation of a Telangana state during the May election campaign.

The midnight victory rallies by Telangana state votaries might have come a bit too soon. It may take a few years for the state to take birth. Because, there are several issues such as sharing of precious resources like water that need to be ironed out and many other concerns — an example being the Rayalaseema region, which is as backward as Telangana, if not worse. This region merits appropriate guarantees during the course of finalising the contours of separation. What is important is that leaders of all parties must make a conscious effort to prevent emotions from taking a violent form. Parting of ways should happen peacefully.



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