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Telangana – Sonia promise, Rosaiah’s problem డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

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T-tremors rock Rosaiah Government
Express News Service 11 Dec 2009 03:54:36 AM IST

HYDERABAD: For the first time, the 100-day-old Rosaiah government wobbled on Thursday with as many as 56 of its MLAs from Rayalaseema and Andhra regions resigning, protesting the ‘‘unilateral’’ midnight decision of the Centre to move a resolution in the Assembly for the creation of a separate Telangana State. The virus spread to other parties too with 29 TDP and 11 PRP legislators following suit.

Speaker N Kiran Kumar Reddy, however, said he had not yet accepted the resignations and that he would take a decision only after meeting the members personally. The Congress MLAs are unlikely to press for acceptance of their resignations as that would mean fall of the government. The ruling Congress has 156 legislators in the 294-member Assembly.

At dawn, the overnight celebrations in Telangana were quickly overshadowed by a spate of protests across the Andhra and Rayalseema areas with indignant students taking to the streets resenting the Centre’s move to bifurcate the State without taking them into confidence.

If angry protests were witnessed on the Osmania University campus only a few days ago for Telangana, similar protests marked the day at the Andhra and SV universities in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati against statehood to Telangana on Thursday. A coastal Andhra bandh was also called for on Friday and the police are making elaborate security arrangements to prevent breakdown of law and order.

The day began with MLAs of all hues marching to the Speaker’s chambers in the Assembly and handing over their resignations. A rattled Rosaiah appealed to them not to be overcome by emotion.

‘‘Announcement that a resolution would be passed in the Assembly doesn’t mean Telangana is going to be ceded immediately,’’ Rosaiah said in a desperate attempt to placate the legislators. He also made it clear that a resolution could be passed only after ensuring a consensus among the Congress members.

The Telangana bug did not spare the Opposition TDP either. As many as 29 of its 92 MLAs put in their papers, stating that they were unable to digest the fact that the Congress took them for a ride in this fashion.

TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, who has always favoured a united state deep down in his heart regardless of his public postures, came out openly against Delhi’s decision.

Though he said only the other day that his party would support a resolution on Telangana if and when it was introduced in the Assembly, he deviated from his party’s stand on Thursday contending that he had only said he would support the resolution after a consensus emerged on it. ‘‘The issue has to be debated at all levels and in all regions,’’ Naidu said, adding that his MLAs were not listening to him and were bent on quitting the Assembly all because the Centre had bungled the issue.

As the number of resignations increased as the day wore on, the Congress began a damage- control exercise. Chief Minister Rosaiah discussed the Telangana proposal with his ministers at a special cabinet meeting where those from Andhra and Rayalaseema areas opposed the Centre’s decision. He is understood to have told them to remain united and abide by the party decision, lest it leads to an unpleasant situation in future.

He told them that the party high command had not indicated to him when he should move the resolution and in what form.

According to sources, Rosaiah is keen on having consultations with all the Congress legislators in an attempt to bring about a consensus among them on the resolution which he would have to move in the Assembly. In any case, this is unlikely to happen in the ongoing Winter Session.



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