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‘Jai Telangana’ – ecstacy, scepticism in Hyderabad డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

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Ecstasy, scepticism in city
TNN 11 December 2009, 05:55am IST

HYDERABAD: The scores of Telangana supporters who stormed the streets of Hyderabad on Thursday chanting ‘Jai Telangana’ were not the representative sample of the actual number of people cheering. The numbers were much more or “overwhelmingly more”, as a Telangana supporter puts it.

Cutting across caste and social strata, there were more supporters of the T cause than seen on the streets of Hyderabad, even if the support was at an emotional and not a practical level. The separate Telangana announcement had people from this short-changed region feeling happy about this “emotional need” finally being met but left them skeptical of just how a separate state would be helpful (to the people).

“Things reached a point that people of Andhra and Telangana would not have been able to live peacefully together any longer had this demand not been met. While a separate Telangana is no solution to the problems (of the region), but it is a matter of self-respect,” says M Suneel Kumar, state director, Rural Development Institute, who hails from Warangal district. He says that while Hyderabad as the common capital of both Telangana and Andhra does seem like the only compromise formula in place, he does assert that there can be no Telangana without Hyderabad. Research scholar V Praveen, who hails from Nalgonda, said that Telangana has remained backward with most irrigation projects concentrated in the Andhra region. “It is not about job reservations alone, but the whole cycle of poverty will be broken if Telangana becomes a separate state with an entire administration focused on its development,” he said.

Significantly, the supporters of the T-state say that the “undercurrents of discrimination” against the people of Telangana will come to an end. “People from Andhra start their business here but when it comes to recruitments they take only people from their region creating a sense of deprivation,” says M Bharath Bhushan, chairperson, Telangana Utsav Committee. He says they are not entrepreneurs but ‘Andhrapreneurs’ who wear their Andhra identity on their sleeves. However, the midnight move of the Congress is only the first step in a long journey, he says.

There are some like M Reddy who says that while a huge majority of people in Telangana want a separate state, he is not too hopeful how it would serve any purpose. “There is a strong sentiment for a separate state but then it would be the same set of politicians governing it. Besides, no state can progress in isolation,” he says, adding that he is a “microscopic minority” in the sea of voices seeking their very own T state.

While Suneel Kumar is hopeful of more jobs opening up, he is realistic enough not to expect miracles but that doesn’t affect his support for “Telangana with Hyderabad”.

E Revathi, professor at the Centre for Economics and Social Sciences, further notes that vested interests of a select minority are opposing Telangana. “The MLAs who have quit are not representative of Rayalaseema and Andhra. Since they have invested so much capital in Hyderabad, they are taking up the issue,” she says, adding that sadly the issue is centred around Hyderabad and still not around the marginalised people of Telangana.




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