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Hyderabadi’s emotional bond with Telangana డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

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Nobody is apolitical in Hyderabad on ‘T’
Roli Srivastava & Sudipta Sengupta, TNN 9 December 2009, 02:36am IST

HYDERABAD: Builders can be ruthless businessmen but over the last 10 days a few things have changed in Hyderabad. A big builder, known for luxurious villas he has built on the city outskirts, says the Telangana agitation brewing in the city could dent his business but he still wants a separate state. “It is my homeland and I have seen it underdeveloped for years,” he asserts.

Many like him are watching every development in this ‘T’ story, monitoring (on news portals) every fluctuation in TRS leader K Chandrasekhar Rao’s temperature. Discussions at home and workplaces centre on whether Telangana would be a reality or not. They could be for or against a separate state, but the issue of Telangana has stirred up emotions of the otherwise indifferent Hyderabadi. This even as NRIs hailing from Telangana, are raising funds for agitating students and families of those who have lost their lives in protests.

Clearly, there are not many ‘apolitical’ Hyderabadis today with each having a strong reason, most often a personal one, to connect to this issue. People could still be having lunch in a Andhra joint but now people are asking which side of the fence they are on, say denizens. “Any movement like this makes every community member respond,” says B Prakash Rao, who hails from Nalagonda, a Telangana district. Small wonder then that Orkut has over a dozen Telangana communities with huge memberships.

M Bharath Bhushan, who recently co-authored a book on Telangana, says most people who are supporting a separate Telangana are neither supporters of KCR or his party but feel strongly for a separate state.

Many Hyderabadis say they sympathise with the issue even if they do not want a separate state. A CEO of a city-based firm who did not wish to be identified said that his area (Telangana) was indeed sidelined all these years with most development activities concentrated in the Andhra region. “I do not want a separate state because it would not solve the problem. But I strongly relate to the sentiment,” he says.

Neeta Reddy says she plugs into politics only to understand what’s happening but not so when it comes to the ‘T’ agitation. A senior manager in a multinational, she hails from Mahbubnagar, one of the most backward districts of Andhra Pradesh that falls in Telangana region. Intently watching the developments on various websites, she says she does not support a separate state, as she has seen people from Andhra region toil on the land in Mahbubnagar that local farmers felt was too dry for cultivation




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