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Demand for separate state – Uttarakhand & Telangana experiences డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

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Time to listen the painful cry of Telangana

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K.Rosaiah has recently said in an interview that his government can not do much about bifurcation of state as it does not come under his purview and the center has to take action on it. It is interesting that Congress party says it supports the demand for separate Telangana. Regional party like Telugu Desam has already come out in support of it and BJP raised the issue in the parliament. Left parties as usual are opposed to the creation of Telangana state. TRS is already there in Telangana spreading the stir. One does not understand as to what stops the government to form a separate state of Telangana if its people, do not want to live under the regime dominated by Andhrite. It is shocking that state government does not want to speak on it. Most of the states newly carved out have actually been created when resolution have been passed by the respective assemblies. Bihar, UP and Madhya Pradesh state assemblies passed resolutions for the creation of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chhattishgarh states.

Telangana’s current upsurge reminds me of Uttarakhand’s mass protest against Uttar Pradesh government

I am not fascinated personally by these arguments of small or big, as every argument has a counter argument. I was born in the hill state of Uttarakhand which was earlier part of Uttar Pradesh and totally different from it in terms of culture, language and geography. Irony was that top political leaders of UP came from Uttarakhand – Gobind Ballabh Pant, H.N.Bahuguna and N.D.Tiwari (interestingly all Brahmins and Congress party chief ministers). And any demand of Uttarakhand was looked down upon by this class for their own interest. No political party except for Uttarakhand Kranti Dal has been fighting for separate statehood. Whenever the Uttarakhand activists would go there, ND Tiwari would mention ‘Uttarakhand state would come over my dead body’.

Tragically, the Hindutva’s forces were first to realize it. They jumped on anti UP sentiment of the people and came out openly in support of the new state. It was 1993, the tumultuous years of Post Babri demolition, UP became new hot ground for Dalit Bahujans’ new access to power politics. India’s political map was changing and Uttar Pradesh and Bihar went totally in control of these political forces.

The UP government was not keen on implementing Mandal commission recommendation in the state. After lot of pressures from different political forces, Mulayam Singh Yadav government actually accepted the report and notified under a separate government order (GO). This single decision made Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati the biggest villain in Uttarakhand state. People like me felt that new Uttarakhand state was a desperate effort by these castes who were losing their importance elsewhere. Of course, historical exploitation of Uttarakhand, its resources was definitely true and none can deny that 15 odd MLAs would make no difference in the UP’s gigantic Assembly of 400 odd people. So, demand for a separate state there was genuine.
The movement, however, was growing. People were sitting on Dharnas and two local newspapers, Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagaran became household names, as each report would get published every new day. Most of the protest was symbolic yet it was there widespread. Their circulation jumped in millions. The students were sitting and the retired armed forces men who live in large number joined hands. The teachers decided to boycott classes. Almost all Uttarakhand was non-functional, yet political class in India was not ready to take the issue. Then came the announcement to organize a massive protest rally at the Red Fort in Delhi on October 2, 1994. All, this was happening at the non political platform. Political parties during the agitation period became defunct, in fact, they were not even allowed to venture in.

Thousands of people started coming into Delhi from different parts of Uttarakhand. Unfortunately, our democratic leaders do not allow democratic protests. At Rampur ka Tiraha, a small village on the national highway, between Roorkee and Mujaffarnagar, the buses carrying activists were stopped by the Provincial Arms Constabulary (PAC) of UP. In the dark night of October 1st-2, the PAC fired at the peaceful protesters, molested women and did not allow them to proceed. People ran to save their lives, in the sugar cane field. Many lost their ways. One of my cousins remained untraced for many days and one friend died in police firing.

It was the biggest mishap in the history of Uttarakhand. Suddenly, patience of the people burst and the entire peaceful state of Uttarakhand, which never ever saw any curfew, never even police check posts, came out in the streets. The news of molestation of women had spread like wildfire. People came out in protest. Even those who were sitting on the margin joined the protest. Mulayam Singh Yadav became the most hated figure in the state. Policemen were targeted and life completely paralyzed. There was voluntary protest. Now, people were not just sitting in protest, they were out in streets. In frenzy police had to open fire to save itself. Many young lives were lost in police firing.

This is a small state and we know each other mostly in our areas. Policing was never part of hills and for the first time we saw policemen from the plains of UP, who had high disregard and contempt for hill people were brought to control the hill people. That is irony of the ruling structure which uses contradictions very well. It will bring police from Andhra to contain Telangana; it will bring Assam Rifles to control law and order in Nagaland. And that happened in Uttarakhand, giving wide disenchantment with Uttar Pradesh administration.

While, the Uttarakhand movement was ignited on a wrong note of anti Mandal sentiments, as a human rights activist and also a native from that region, it pained me more, when I saw, people dying in police firing, women being molested by the policemen. It has been a peaceful region altogether where such cases were rare. The state did not celebrate any festival that year particularly when Dusshera and Diwali are celebrated with high zeal in Uttarakhand. That year, it was completely a black out. The demand for Uttarakhand was there from very beginning in 1950s. We have seen the utter contempt for people who would speak in Delhi. Pahadi was a term used often to describe us. Most of the migrants were working in Dhabas in Delhi yet there was an elite class which always got better everywhere in the name of Uttarakhand.

While Mulayam Singh Yadav and other UP friends were ready to concede the demand of Uttarakhand, they wanted to control the state. So the boundary dispute was biggest. And the main disputed land was Hardwar and Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar (SUN). The Samajwadi party and BSP were adamant that Hardwar should not be part of it while Hardwar and SUN were traditionally hill towns. Because of procurement of land through manipulations, the non hill people had dominated the entire region. The powerful Sikh leadership from Punjab came out against it as everyone of them had their interests in big benami landholdings here. Actually, creation of Uttarakhand was a problem for big zamindars who feared that the state would acquire their lands. Compared to Uttar-Pradesh particularly western UP and Punjab, the so-called farmers of Uttarakhand would be termed as landless, small and marginal.

After much difficulty the state came into being on November 7, 2000. One dream was fulfilled. But the tragedy remains that those political parties who were at the margin during the protests became the main decision making parties of the state. N.D.Tiwari was imposed on the state by Congress party against the popular will and BJP now continue to rule the state.

Local movements which developed during creation of state have disappeared. The netas have their vehicles but those who lost their lives are forgotten. They are remembered only when there are some political manipulations. The BJP made Nityanand Swamy, chief minister of Uttarakhand, who was actually not from the hills resulting in party’s dismal performance in assembly elections. Congress when came to power, made N D Tiwari as chief minister, who played his best politics in the state by disturbing red beacon vehicles to his favorites.
Separation is better than suffocation

When you do not want to live with anyone then what is the solution. It is like a joint family where the younger one wants to live separately. Rather then living in suffocation, its better to part peacefully. After that whatever are the concerns, let the families face them separately. Every state has a contradiction. Many a time, demand for decentralization comes from one of the forces who want to maintain their own hegemony and this continues. So, one hegemony is broken and another is created and this continues for years as our political system is meant to create hegemony and messiahs. The sovereign public becomes helpless and expects miracles from their leaders who become ring leaders and betray the cause.

My concerns in Uttarakhand were based on the conditions of Dalits and marginalized. I can not confirm whether their condition is better off now. Of course, in power structure, hills were always in the hands of upper castes because of their number strength. But that is the reality of democratic process and you can not deny them this right to come to power. The state has really moved ahead in many ways and is really better than its former state. Electricity situation is much better than even Delhi, the schools, the road networks are growing. Of course, the big companies are also there selling their big dreams, selling Ganga water and so on.
Every Life is Precious

The good thing is that at the moment Telangana’s protests are spontaneous mass struggle. Though parties like TRS which often changes track are leading lights of the day, claim to have ignited this, it is surely going out of their control.

It is always painful when young lives are lost. The young must fight their battles. It is the duty of movement leaders in general and student leaders in particular to appeal to youngsters to join the movement, change the politics by joining it and not by ending their lives by committing suicide.

It is the tragedy of the mass upsurge when hysteria is created through screaming TV channels and movement leaders. It is lethal for sensitive people when they watch and hear these stories resulting in committing suicide. That is the pain of hysteria created by such jingoism. It happened on many occasions. We have seen how the stories of Ayodhya demolition were projected by the Hindutva outfits, how media plays. Now with live TV channels in each city and kasbas, we have the TV anchors becoming new messiahs of the people and everybody happy with their names in the media and channels, hysteria is created and continued to played for their TRPs. Every tragedy is an opportunity of business for them. Living in Delhi during the tumultuous period of anti Mandal agitation in the 1990s and later on whole Ayodhya’s frenzy in UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, we have seen how the newly mushrooming channels hyped the deaths and created frenzy. Andhra itself had seen how media hyped the death of Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy, virtually making him the tallest leader, ignoring his big faults and his attitude towards Telangana, his anti Telangana statement during Assembly polls.

One thing is clear that Telangana could never really merge with greater Andhra. The government should realize it and act on it. Secondly, the local people will always resent, if the powerful castes and communities from other regions use it as their colony. We have seen it in Uttarakhand and others also saw it. It is always better to part ways peacefully and then become friends on equality. The possessiveness of Andhra’s powerful communities over Telangana is uncalled for and similar to what the powerful Sikhs from Punjab had over division of district of Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand. Actually, powerful lobbies, and political interests all merge together to foil the dreams. Political class is out to create these differences with people so that they can reap rich harvest on hatred. At the end of the day, you have to work together. We all remain interdependent on each other and hatred, jingoism and ultra nationalism leaves us nowhere. It is time that Congress party at the center think of creating a separate Telangana state so that this hysteria is curtailed and people are back to work and innocent lives are not lost in the politics of rhetoric making political space for redundant political leaders and aspiring power brokers.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat’s blog http://www.manukhsi.blogspot.com



1. Krishna - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

Telangana is completely a different thing from uttarakhand. 15 out of 400 does not matter, and some 40-50 from 294 do not matter. But here is a City called Hyderabad, which is not a nondescript city. It is a fast growing metropolis and caters to every person of Andhra Pradesh. You cannot just allow the city to go away after giving blood to it. It is like America of Andhra. It assimilated people from all corners of the city. Being an andhraite, and having all of my friends from telangana, there is no real benefit to people of telangana, if it is formed. It would surely end up like Jharkhand or Chattisgarh.

Dranarasimhudu - జూలై 18, 2013

This is wrong opinion. Hyderabad was built with the blood of Telangana people. Andhrites just entered and established after the seperate telangana movement which in outraged in 1969.

2. Krishna - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

Moreover, this is not a caste issue, if at all it is then, it could flare up to a communal issue, with Hyderabad being completely in hands of the Muslim dominated party. Telangana, which TRS is demanding, was a Nizam state with 4 districts of Karnataka and some 7 districts from Maharastra which are quite rich compared the regions in Telangana. So, if you say Telangana, it should be all of it, and which means that you are trying to go back to the preindependence state. It is very important to note that there was a time when TRS even bought its own helicopter to spread message of Telangana. if he had so much money, he could have used it to develop his constituency. You use all the money given to you to develop your constituency and you use all of it for your propaganda, this smacks of pure oppurtunitism and nothing else.

Dranarasimhudu - జూలై 18, 2013

TRS not demanding esrtwhile nizam state. Krishna giving wrong information to bhushan. It is demanding just 10 districts of telangana area.

3. Vidya Bhushan Rawat - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

Hi, regions are definitely different as we never had a history of occupation. The Nepalese ruled us dear friend. I can understand that Hyderabad has bigger pain. I am not here to give solution but definitely the issue of Hyderabad could be resolved amicably. We all know now that there are deep sentiments and practical issues involved. When Punjab and Haryana have one common capital in Chandigarh, surely,
Hyderabad can be that too. If we are fighting against each other so that we can not speak..it will be most tragic day. After all, we all have to live together.. Even partition of India could not justice to millions of people as we have relatives on both the sides of the border. The pain of division is known to only those who become victim. Here we are talking of better administered unit and containing the Frenzy.. the emotions are running high and people of Telenagana who might have some hope since 1950s, actually have lost their patience. Let them have their separate state and let all the issues are resolved amicably. Let the government first accept that it is ready to create the state.. boundaries, capital etc comes later.

4. Ram - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

It is a mockery at our own history when people crave for partition. Chanakya states in his commentary on Bharat that the mother land belongs to none. No body can claim to possess it. Respect the land that has endowed people’s lives and unify the minds of the land. As argued by the Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom, Collective action should be the norm, and it can be achieved through the elimination of political division, which aggravates the situation. The creation of so many political parties is a problem. Every other person starts a political party, and it is sad to see the land of India being exploited by these political babus. For once, the consitutional framework has to be reframed such that those who represent people have a credible representation of moral and intellectual capital. The fate of the nation lies in the hands of responsible politicians.

5. kumar shashank - మార్చి 27, 2010

It is good that everyone has the right to demand for something which is in favour of people but it is not good that we ask something which may create tensions between those group of people which have been living together for so many years.I am not able to understand then why there has been a urgent need of dividing two states.People of different communities have been living there for years with peace and harmony.Uttar pradesh and Uttarakhand are seperated but now there people are seperated along with these states.I don’t know why people of hills demanded for Uttarakhand.Let me tell you there has been no significant change in uttarakhand after it’s formation. I am living here and observing.

6. srikanth - ఏప్రిల్ 9, 2010

telangana is different from uttarakhand because ,before 1956 there are so many industries in telangana like nizam sugar,allwyn,glass factory,ramagundam fertiliser anddpl companies in telangana but now these were vanished,so telangana people are so much experienced then the other country people but after 1956 due to language problem these people are not developing as much as andhra people ,telangana people at that time knew urdu than telugu because the nizam destroyed telugu language,he hated telugu language ,if you want same andhra pradesh then give respect telangana language because we are learning students of pure telugu and get industries in telangana districts out of hyderabad

7. PRIYANK NAUTIYAL - ఏప్రిల్ 11, 2010


@ kumar shashank

8. sanjay kumar - అక్టోబర్ 4, 2010

sir, my mother who senior citizen purchase land of one biga from sellor who has 2 biga 10 land through property dealer
proper registry is made at registrar office and name of my mother is entered in chakbandi revenue office and sellor name is deleleted
during demarcation and fencing at the land sellor created problem and not giving the possession of that land and telling that mediatator ( property dealor) is having amount 50 thousand not cleared so he will not leave the possesion property dealor has also not cleared amount of 80000 of our parents but he signed the promisory note for one year

what time will be consumed if i take up the help of court

what is the estimate of expenses for this proceeding

give soulution for my problem to take the possession of land

9. Vikas Khugshal - అక్టోబర్ 6, 2010

@ kumar shashank- U need to update your knowledge. U live in Uttarakhand and saying that there has been no significant change in uttarakhand after it’s formation. Thats not true buddy. I live in Delhi but my roots are from Uttarakhand and i can observe better then u by sitting in Delhi. As Priyank says that Uttarakhand is far ahead then U.P in every aspect like sex ratio, demography, literacy, women condition etc. And U.P government never consider us as a part of U.P state. There was no development in infrastructure when UK was part of UP. The money flow was around lucknow and other main cities of Uttar Pradesh. Only the Haridwar and other religious places were developed by U.P government. I don’t know about Jharkhand and Chattisgarh but Uttarakhand is developing after being carved out from U.P. And soon it will be on top.

Jai Bharat, Jai Uttarakhand

10. అనామకం - మే 16, 2011

kumar shashank:
just update your knowledge abt Uk
It is the mini london..
See the development in terms of roads,electric,water,tourism,jobs as establishment of Sidcul all big Mnc are migrating here+govt jobs
i have seen it growing in very good speed.. …

11. B.NARSING RAJ - సెప్టెంబర్ 29, 2012

It is shame on our democracy that we dont want to hear the peoples voice for seperate state for the upliftment of the DOWN ward people of the TELANGANA REGION. our struggle for Telangana is going on since last 60 years, but every time it is being suppressed by crooked Politics some time by CHENNA REDDY ,Bramananda Reddy ,Raja Shekara Reddy, Kiran Kumar Reddy etc…..
Why only reddies want to rule this state, Why Andhra People Want to Loot its treasure , Mines, Employment, Real State, hundreds of Acres of Land & ultimately keep the Telangana People supressed with the help of Congress at the center???

Jai Telangana, Jai Bharat, Jai Hind, Vandee matharam.

12. B.NARSIG RAJ - జూలై 24, 2013

AGAIN AFTER 10 MONTHS I confirm that ANDHRA PEOPLE want to exploit the Telangana resources and the people of this region.
All the andhra people who migraged and AMASSED THE Real State in Telangana should be sent back to their home places., For this 1970 should be taken as the basic year.

Congress and Capitalists of Andhra Does not want Telangana to come like Kavavuri Sambasiva Rao, Lagadapati LANCO HILLS, Chiranjeevi, And all other Andhra Ministers and MLAs since no body WANT TO GIVE AWAY GOOD MILKING COW.



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