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Is KCR riding a tiger he cannot dismount? డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

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K Chandrasekhar Rao’s dilemma – to fast or not to fast?
Kingshuk Nag, TNN

HYDERABAD: Reality dawned on Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao a month and a half ago when the elections for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) was announced. Taking stock of his party organisation, KCR realised that his outfit depleted, in the assembly and Lok Sabha polls earlier in the year, would be completely routed in the ensuing municipal election. This would be the death knell for his party and his political career. TRS bought time by opting out of the polls. But KCR’s ambition would not allow him to go down under so quickly and to keep himself relevant the former Congress and then Telugu Desam Party (TDP) ally decided on his path of ‘deeksha’ and ‘fast to death.’ Nobody took his threats seriously because it is commonly known that KCR is fond of good life.

On his part, KCR also knew that his own life had been in the past a bit indisciplined and this had left him with diabetes, hypertension and probably with a partially damaged liver. But egged on by unseen advisers, Chandrasekhar Rao decided to take the plunge ─ his belief that the fast would not probably be long enough for his health to be endangered. In any case, the government would come out with some assurance soon enough because his state of health was not unknown to the powers that be and they would not want to take chances. The result would be harmonious: he would get his relevance back.

Things were OK when KCR was whisked away to Khammam sub-jail last Sunday and from where he launched his fast. Neither did things go out of hand when KCR was handed over a glass of juice a day later that he reluctantly accepted ─ but not really complaining that he was being forced to break the fast. But then an oversmart cop decided to go to town by passing the videos showing KCR partaking the juice to television channels. KCR’s hidden advisers were mighty upset and threatened him with consequences if he did not relaunch his fast. KCR complied. And now he is caught between the devil and deep blue sea. He cannot break his fast, because that will take out all the thunder that he has in him. And he cannot fast any longer because his health would not permit this ─ after all, he is no Mahatma Gandhi, who has led a frugal and disciplined life all through.

The hidden advisers of KCR would, however, want him to become Raju guide. Old-timers would remember the classic film Guide (based on R K Narayan’s novel by the same name). In the movie, Dev Anand, playing Raju guide, disappears after serving a jail term for forgery. He surfaces in a village where he is mistaken for a holy man. When a drought hits the village, the people force him to fast for rain. Raju does not know how to say no. In the end, the heavens open up but Raju attains immortality by dying of starvation. “These hidden advisers only want to use KCR to fan the sentiment for Telangana that is strong but lies dormant. Their bet is that KCR’s fast will provide the spark that will make the juggernaut impossible to stop,” says a top source.

On its part, the government wants to help KCR tide over the difficult situation by administering saline and pumping other nutrients into his body. KCR is believed to be drinking water too. He has been pushed into the private cardiothoracic recovery room of the hospital to keep him away from the prying eyes of visitors.

Till now the government has taken a soft stance against the agitators by asking police to deal with them with kid gloves. It knows the police violence would give impetus to the movement. But those who want to use KCR and those inimical to the present regime in Hyderabad would like to see the movement accelerating. The spate of suicides, which has now gone up to 11, will only serve to raise the temperature. If the suicide spree continues, the fast of Chandrasekhar Rao would become irrelevant and the Telangana movement will go out of his hand. This will take KCR back to square one. Thus in his own interest, KCR must give up his fast immediately. But the question is, is KCR riding a tiger he cannot dismount? The next few days will tell us.

source: Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-5308617,prtpage-1.cms



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