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KU teachers support Telangana agitation డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

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KU teachers support T-state cause
December 5th, 2009
DC Correspondent

WARANGAL, Dec. 4: After students joining the Telangana movement in large numbers post TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s announcement of fast-unto-death, it may now be the turn of Kakatiya University (KU) professors, 60 per cent of whom were actively involved in 1969 Telangana agitation.

“We are yet to fix a date, but we are certain about joining the stir. We have already held talks with students’ representatives of Kakatiya University Joint Action Committee (KUJAC),” said Prof. Burra Ramulu, department of economics, and vice-president, Human Rights Forum (HRF), who is widely respected by student community.

The recent flare up in Telangana movement is being keenly watched by KU academicians, who as students during the 1969 movement, were at the forefront.

“I was a school student when I first participated in a hunger strike during 1969 movement,” said Prof. Ramulu, adding that students then had lost one academic year due to agitation for a separate state.

“While Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers boycotted office work for 72 days, all schools and colleges in Telangana remain remained closed for nine months,” recalled Prof. Ramulu, who condemned the government’s decision to close higher educational institutions in the region till December 18 on the ground that it would ‘backfire’.

According to Prof. Ramulu, attempt to cut students’ strength would intensify the agitation further as their present strength, as compared to the 1969 agitation, is more than eight times.

“Those who are forced to go home would ignite others, making it more widespread,” he said, while terming government’s decision to shift Mr KCR to Khammam on the ground that TRS cadre was weak, as a ‘mistake’.

Prof. K.M. Murali Manohar, who recently retired as head, department of public administration, KU, is also nostalgic about his role in 1969 movement.

“I was an MA Public Administration student and was also joint convenor, Students’ Action Committee,” said Murali, who felt that the present agitation ‘has reached the 1969 level’.

Source: Deccan Chronicle http://www.deccanchronicle.com/karimnagar/ku-teachers-support-t-state-cause-062



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