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దీక్ష విరమణకు కే సీ ఆర్ ప్రతిపాదనలు KCR puts conditions to withdraw the ‘fast’ డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

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K Chandrasekhara Rao, the chief of TRS, discussed measures to resolve the current agitation for a separate Telangana in response to the media persons enquiring about his health and the present situation in the state.

KCR, who is on fast-unto-death since November 29 at Khammam sub jail and later shifted to NIMS hospital in Hyderabad, expressed concern about the ways to come out of the current crisis. Today he spoke to Andhra Jyothi daily Managing Director, Sri Radhakrishna and its editor Sri K Srinivas, according to latest report on ABN TV channel.

Mr Veerappa Moily, Congress in charge of AP told that it is a matter within the consideration of Sri D Srinivas APCC President and Sri Rosaiah the Chief Minster. In response to Moily, the TRS chief laid conditions to consider withdrawal of his fast- unto- death.

KCR proposed that they (Srinivas & Rosaiah) should represent the demands of Telangana directly to the Congress high command to resolve the current crisis.

K Srinivas speaking to ABN TV informed that KCR’s health was not critical although his health is deteriorating. KCR is watching TV news and is informed about what’s happening in the state, told Srinivas.

Dividing the state is not in my hands (రాష్ట్ర విభజన నా చేతుల్లో లేదు), told Rosaiah. He expressed willingness to explore ways to resolve the crisis if the nirahaara deeksha is withdrawn . Rosaiah requested the TRS leader to withdraw the protest and cooperate for discussions (దీక్షలో కూర్చోని తెలంగాణ ఇవ్వమంటే నేను ఏమి చేయలేను. దయచేసి దీక్ష విరమించుకోండి. దీక్ష విరమించుకొన్న తర్వాత నా పరిధిల్లో ఏమైనా ఉంటె నేను చేస్తాను. నాతోవస్తే హై కమాండ్ తో మాట్లాడిస్తా)

K Rosaiah appealed to the fasting TRS leader K Chandrasekhara Rao to give up his stir and stated that Hyderabad was not a free zone as declared by the Supreme Court in its Judgement and the state government has also immediately filed a review petition in this regard

In the meantime, there has been rampage by protestors in Punjagutta and surrounding areas of NIMS hospital. Around afternoon there were rumours that KCR was in coma which is denied by the Director, NIMS.



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