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JAC plans students mobilisation in Telangana డిసెంబర్ 1, 2009

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OU students to undertake novel protest
Staff Reporter, The Hindu, December 2, 2009

To offer flowers to Congressmen supporting Telangana cause and present bangles to those opposing it
Students hold marathon meeting in front of the College of Arts and Social Sciences
A massive meeting with 1 lakh students planned on Nizam College grounds during the month-end

HYDERABAD: Take flowers by supporting the agitation for separate Telangana State or accept bangles if you oppose it.

The students of Osmania University plan to approach Congressmen with this appeal during their peaceful agitation for separate Telangana from Wednesday. This was among the important decisions taken by students Joint Action Committee of different student organisations on the university campus after the marathon meeting before the College of Arts and Social Sciences for the second day on Tuesday.

“This is not to humiliate anyone but to motivate and spread the Telangana spirit. We’ll initially approach Congressmen since it is ruling the State,” Pidamarthi Ravi, member of the JAC, said. Beginning with that, at least 20 conventions of students would be held in the 10 Telangana districts exhorting support for Telangana and explaining exploitation of the region by the successive Governments.

This would be followed by a massive meeting of one lakh students on Nizam College grounds during the month-end. Every step would be taken to ensure all the protest programmes are carried out in a peaceful manner. That is why the concept of offering flowers or bangles was adopted instead of staging demonstrations, Mr. Ravi explained.

Earlier, the day-long meeting witnessed emotion-arousing speeches by students, leaders, lawyers and social activists. Speakers spitted fire on persons opposing separate Telangana and pledged whole-hearted support to the movement being taken up by the students.

The venue reverberated with pro-Telangana slogans and huge applauses were made whenever songs highlighting Telangana culture and ridiculing the ruling party leaders were sung.

Telangana Employees Association leader, Vithal, Sandhya of Progressive Organisation of Women, and Allam Narayana of Telangana Journalists Forum suggested that the separate Telangana campaign be conducted without involving any politicians, parties or ideologies.

Representatives of different student associations, who were poles apart on many issues, joined hands and vowed to take forward the movement cutting across ideology, caste, colour, creed lines. The students too were not willing to listen to anything except support for Telangana and how to build the movement to achieve it.

Some of them interrupted when Manda Krishna Madiga tried to talk about the TRS chief, forcing him to cut short his speech. However, they later expressed regret.

Source: http://www.hindu.com/2009/12/02/stories/2009120259020300.htm



1. A. Sanjeevulu - డిసెంబర్ 2, 2009

I whole heartedly support the students movement for Telangana. But the movement should be long one because it takes time and be patient as well as fresh agitation every day till we get the separatehood. Every telanga person is with you there are some people in telangana they are demoralising the movement like Gone prakash rao and Jaggareddy these fellows are bonded labours of andhra people. Don’t degrade TRS Chief and other talangana biddalu. everybody should contribute at their level and i will also do as telanga bidda. Jai telangana Jai Jai telanga

2. jithu - డిసెంబర్ 4, 2009

I am also whole heartedly support the students movement for Telangana.
Go to villages and agitate people ,explain facts about telangana , in rural areas some people don’t know what deceive happend to telangana.
I am also taking a part from that .

Jai Telangana

3. jithu - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2009

andhra jyothi vadu samikya andhra ani nirupinchukunnadu ee matalatho ..


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