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Telangana- Forty year old battle మార్చి 20, 2009

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Congress, Economy, Identity, Karimnagar, livelihoods, politics, PRP, TDP, Telangana, TRS.

In Telangana, the 40-year battle for a place called home

Kuchi Venkat Lakshmana

Ask the cyber geek. Ask the grandmother. Ask the jobless weaver. Ask the government school teacher.

They all want the same thing, and they have told themselves it is finally round the corner. Carved out of Andhra Pradesh, the separate state they have dreamed of for generations, Telangana.

In one village, a quiet SMS campaign is gaining strength. “Every day, I send out thousands of messages, asking people to vote for a party that will support a separate state for our people,” says Taniparti Tirupati Rao, a 30-year-old school teacher at a government primary school in Tahinikondapur.

About 13 kilometres west, in Karimnagar — the heart of the Telangana movement in the Naxal belt of Andhra Pradesh — 60-year-old Nagarasu Sharada’s wrinkled face creases into a smile as she twists thick strings into rope.

“Good things will happen when we have our own state,” she says. Around her, pigs shuffle about outside her tiny hut in the weavers’ town of Sircilla, 200 kilometres north of the state capital of Hyderabad.

“There are no schools here, no running water, electricity for just five hours a day. But just look at the road… world-class,” says Sharada, with a wry smile.

The road is pretty much the only thing the Andhra Pradesh government has built here in recent times. It is world-class because it is meant to help state security forces tackle the Naxal menace in the surrounding forests.

For the 30,000 weavers who live in impoverished Sircilla, most doing at least two jobs to try and keep body and soul together, that road is a constant reminder of the state government’s priorities.

And it keeps the flame of separatism alive even 40 years after the people of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad first began to demand the creation of a separate state of Telangana.

Living in abject poverty amidst islands of relative prosperity, the feeling of being wronged and neglected by Andhraites — and their government — is everywhere.

Over 400 debt-ridden weavers and marginal farmers have committed suicide over the last decade in Sircilla alone, the highest for any town in the country. Weaver Laxmaiah Saukarnam works 12-hour shifts for Rs 51 a day.

The Andhra Pradesh government grabs riches from Telangana and distributes them across the state, he says. (Photo by Kunal Patil)

“Government officials come here, telling us not to take our lives,” says Laxmaiah Saukarnam (65), as he slaves over a weaving machine.

“But what about those who have died of starvation? Will the government ask us to stop dying too? Prices keep rising. So many of us cannot afford food. What else can we do but die?”

Saukarnam, a senior citizen, works 12-hour shifts, with a one-hour break for lunch. His earnings: Rs 51 per day. “Riches are taken from Telangana and the benefits given to the rest of the state,” he says.

Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy has opposed the idea of dividing the state on the grounds that a separate Telangana would slip into the hands of Naxalites. “This time, electoral politics may just enable people to realise their dream,” says Prof Kothapalli Jayashankar, former vice-chancellor of Kakatiya University in Warangal.

During the 2004 Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, the Congress had tied up with the regional Telangana Rashtra Samiti and defeated the TDP’s N Chandrababu Naidu.

This time around, the Maha Kootami (Grand Alliance) — a grouping of Naidu’s TDP, the TRS, the CPI and the CPI (M) — could spell big trouble for the Congress in this battle for the state’s 119 Assembly seats. Naidu and other members of the Maha Kootami have given in writing their support for the creation of a Telangana state.

“It seems only the Congress is opposed to the idea,” says Jayashankar. B Venkateswara Rao, former head of the Telangana Development Forum, agrees.

“People are angry with the stepmotherly treatment given to this region,” he says. “This land is our mother. We will never give up our fight on her behalf.”


source: Hindustan Times, 19 March 2009 http://blogs.hindustantimes.com/india-yatra/2009/03/19/in-telangana-the-40-year-battle-for-a-place-called-home/#more-132



1. K Naresh Kumar - మార్చి 24, 2009

Keeping the issue of Telangana subaltern identity alive over a longer period of time alone would make a good fight in this case. In the first decadeof this century, the dreams of the locals have not materialised owing to the issue being merely considered a juicy bargaining point at the altar of state politics. It is still a potent issue, with parties in the political arena forced to take a stand and promising actualisation of dreams once they are elected to power!

Unlike the relative ease with which states were carved out in other parts of India like Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, Telangana still is a mirage. It is to be seen what makes it a reality – a sustained peoples’ movement or a clever vote-gathering exercise in the days to come.

2. iamharish - మార్చి 25, 2009

I dont understand why people blame Andhraite’s, for all the bad things. All that was said about Sircilla and other places is equally touching to me as it might be for others. But weren’t they being goverened by Telangana people. From the zilla commitee to local MLA, MP, arent they from Telangana. U might say that the Governmnt isnt Telagana governement because the chief minister isn’t from Telangana, but there were also Chief Ministers from Telangana region. Dividing a state doesn’t solve any troubles. When we really want to dream, y dont we dream for a great life, instead of a separate state. What was achieved by the people of Chattisgarh or Jharkhand or Uttarakhand with a separate state. Though i dont know Uttarakhand much, i know pretty well about Jharkhand and Chattishgarh. They remain the same with out a separate identity, except for a statehood to boost of. And esp Jharkhand, from the moment it got a separate statehood, no stable Government was formed there that could atleast take a decision. All these years the politicians were busy there jumping party sides.
I pray for a great life for the people, not just from Telangana, but from this entire world. Suffering is suffering, whether it be in Telangana, or Andhra or for that case even Africa.
I dont know if Telanga State will come in some day or not, but I only hope “Mana Telugu Talli” will remain same. Talli ropam okkokka bidda vadda okkokkala untundi. Alagani talli veru kade.
Nadi telanganano, Andhra no, leka rayalaseemo ani evaraina adige munde, nadi oke samadhanam, Nenu Telugu Biddanu. Naku telugu basha pai cheppalenanta mamakaram undi. Aa telugu bhasha matrukamuga unna rashtrame na rashtramu. Adi okate aite nenu oka talli biddanu anna bhavana kalugutundi. Ade rendu unte, ae talliki chendina vadino anna samadhanam leni vadini. Ade muduga marite, gunde pelina vadinavutanu.
“Divided we fall, together we stand” ani chinnappudu chadivina Moral Scinece pathalu gurtukostunnay naku.

3. poison apple - ఏప్రిల్ 4, 2009

very funny harish
before commnting on a “burning issue, the issue for which crores of people are fightingjsince years, for a dream people are waiting , for a cause people of dying” issue, make sure that, you are aware of the importance of the particular struggle and the struggle behing that reason

by going through your comment, I can clearly say that, you dont know much about TELENGANA, and the only place you know is Siricialla, (ridiculous) you need to know much about TELENGANA. resources of this region, the plights of people of region.

inspite of three rivers, the ppl are still fighing for wate, they are going to farm lands in night times with out caring for any other consequences for a simple reason, that is ‘power’. you know this thing?

where are in some regions enjoying the water of rivers through canals. it is not necessary for them to go to farm lands waiting for power, there are people working for hundred of rupees in TELENGANA, where ohter region people are working in this region as Govt employees.

The corporate education institutes giving nightmare to the local educational institutes, they are cheating people.

what you want to say Mr harish? because of a simple reason, that is Telugu language, you want us to be united even people dont respect the dialect of other regions language and they will use the same dialect for the comedy scens in movies?
because of a thing, a statue, which does not exist in real world (telugu talli) you want us to be united, without food and basic amenities?

developement of places and regions depends on several reasons, like natural resources, human resources, people mentality.

in TELENGANA, there are plenty of resources, two rivers, three completed districts with cole mines, people with good knowldge ( they are not selfish or cunning), transportation, ideal wether conditions.

what else a sate needs to become number 1.

if you are from TELANGANA, you will definitely know about the resources of TELENGANA

dont be sentimental. ofcourse, people are cheaing us with sentiments

bullshit like “maathru basha, telugu basha, telugu gauravam blah…blah…blah…..”

neeku telugu baasha pai antha mamakaarm unte oka book publish cheeyi,
ikkada evaru okka thalli biddalu leru.

Remember, TELENGANA was never a part of Andhra Pradesh


better, you study well before writing
Blogging is not about writing s**t

never write s**t, opposing TELENGANA


4. iamharish - ఏప్రిల్ 9, 2009

dear mr. poison…peru tone teliparu me naizam.
if you alone own the write to s**t, then cary on boss.but one thing is clear from ur comment. you dont know anything other than suffering in telangana. where dont u find suffering? godavari pongite kosta lo janalu edustaru. aa badha neku vinipinchi undadu. tsunami vachinappudu krishnapatnam kinda unna kosta gramalu munigipoyayi. aa rodana neku vinipinchi undadu. nellu karuvaindi telangana lo matrame kadu, raayala seema lo kuda.aa badha neku kanipinchi undadu.
aina mela artharahityamga matlade vallaki elago em cheppalem. kani telangana was never a part of andhra annadi pachi abaddam. satavahanula nunchi, golkonda sultanulu vache daka telangana andhra ni verega chusevaru kadu. andhara nadu ane valle.edo rayali kada ani chetta raase mundu charitra putalu tirigeyyandi kasta. nijalu kanipistay.

5. ganesh - నవంబర్ 29, 2009

dont cry mr harish, if we get telangana, you will be begging in the streets of hyd

6. iamharish - నవంబర్ 30, 2009

modataga…edchedi nenu kadu….meru,. melanti vallu
rendvadi…begging antara…telangana lo, prajalu annam kosam kuda kottukuntunnaru antunnaruga…aite me daggara unte ivvandi. lekapote mere adukkuni ivvandi. ante kani selfish prayojanalaki rashtralanu vidagottakandi.
internet ki, cinamalaki, pandagalaki pabbalaki meru jalsaga karchupette dabbuni, kashtalo unna me toti manushulu, ohh manushulante meku telangana valle kada, poni vallake ivvandi. ante kani rashtranni vidagottestanu antarenti. ala vidividiga unnanduke 300 aellu british vallu palincharu. mammalne kadu, golkonda sultanlu kuda sunkam katte vallu british vallaki. ante vallani prabhuvuluga gurtinchinatte.
aina buddi radu meku……asala nenu adigina prashnalaki meriddaru answers emi cheppakunda, nannu tittadanike try chestunnarugaa. me buddi idena.
God save my people from these treacherous and insane people…

7. Shravan - ఫిబ్రవరి 1, 2010

treacherous and insane people are those who don’t know history and keep going at an argument which absolutely doesn’t make sense.I can say for sure that the people from Andhra and Rayalaseema have held power in their hands for a long time now.Whenever a person from Telangana tries to raise an issue,they are supressed.Then,when they don’t say anything,they are asked why they haven’t raised the issue and get it solved.Look at the history,14 agreements breached.Isn’t that enough?How do you expect people to ever trust people of that nature?I mean i have heard of China investing in places which is under-developed more than the other places.But,its seems like a paradox why in our state people try to centralize everything at particular places.Not only does this dampen people’s spirits in these regions,it takes them down a spiralling path of impoverishment.Its time that politicians empower the people of this region.Its time people of Telangana make that final brace and get their share,get whats theirs,get what is inherently yours.All these years they have remained quiet thinking that all of us are Telugu speaking and hence one,but after a point seeing all this disparity,they lose trust.Blame it on politicians of whom Andhra-Seema flush out the majority or the Telangana leaders who have subserviently served them,the anger has reached its critical mass.Funds diverted,irrigation facilities lost in clever manipulation and false promises,jobs taken away tend to make people hope for a change.A change wherein they can rule themselves,aim for focused and concentrated development,end this misrule which lasted for decades.Hopefully,this dream comes true one day.

8. iamharish - ఫిబ్రవరి 3, 2010

“treacherous and insane people are those who don’t know history and keep going at an argument which absolutely doesn’t make sense.”
LOL. people who argue are treacherous and insane. I didnt know tat!!!!. i even didnt know that history is just 60+years after Independence.

“I can say for sure that the people from Andhra and Rayalaseema have held power in their hands for a long time now”
Y would a person from rayalaseema favour another from coastal region or vice versa. B’coz they all feel they are Andhraites. And we feel same about people of Telangana also. So any capable, worthy leader from Telangana is more than welcome. I would love to see a CM from Telangana region. The one and only PM from Andhra is PV Narasimha Rao. Who suppressed him from being a PM.

“i have heard of China investing in places which is under-developed ”
LOL again. China is a blasphemy. They dont do anything for human cause. They do it for PRC cause. They hav nazist intentions of dominating world. . That’s the only reason why they support most inhuman goverments in world like Myanmar, Nigeria etc. Leave about nations, china has the most devastating ratio of Migrations from Villages to Cities like shanghai and reasons being sharp contrast in facilities and tax rates. Better brush up ur GK.

“why in our state people try to centralize everything at particular places.”
did u ever ask dis when Hyderabad was being projected to its peak levels by every Andhraite.

I dont even feel like arguing further. Ur words, they just pour out biased emotions rather than realities. My last reply for the so called breached 14 agreements . U re-read them perfectly before talking. And then google for them U will find ur answers. Many hav already replied in many posts. By the way, y the hell do u need provisions. I dont support any such thing at all. Ur part of one India, part of one Andhra. Struggle for survival. We do that. Now instead of arguing you do something for ur land which u feel is betrayed. And i’m sure of a harsh reply now. But just reply me with one social cause tht u fought for apart from separate statehood. U guys need a state not upliftment of backward ares. Northern Coastal Andhra districts and Anantapur areas are more backwards than all regions of telangana. And this is a fact. Read the poverty report by HRD, India and drought report by Indian geological society. They didnt recieve any special packages etc etc. neither are they asking for any such things. Then y u people want those. Blame God for the red sand filled areas of Telangana. Blame God for the florine content in the underground water. Ofcourse they are present elesewhere, and even people there hav those probs. But no one blames any one in those places. they accept realities and look for oppurtunities. Unlike u guys crying a hoax call for statehood which in reality no one wants. What people want is development. Dont play with villagers making fake promises of development due to separate statehood.


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