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Muslims stress a people’s movement for separate Telangana జనవరి 1, 2009

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‘Telangana is in the interest of Muslims’


29 December 20083:16pm.

By TwoCircles.net news desk


New Delhi: People from different walks of life and organizations came together for discussions on ‘Muslims demand for separate Telangana state: need to make it people’s movement’, on 28th December 2008 at Urdu Ghar, Moghulpura in Hyderabad. Muslims and non-Muslim intellectuals participated in the meeting, discussed, expressed their opinions and also gave their valuable suggestions.


Men and Women who participated in the meeting were teachers, of schools, colleges and universities, advocates, employees and trade union leaders, students, activists belonging to different mass organizations, Muslim youths, and also senior citizens who had participated in 1969 Telangana movement.


Speakers opined that Muslims of old city are mostly unaware of Telangana issue. The people of Telangana districts are however aware of the issue There is a need to conduct small meetings and make people aware and involve them in the movement. There is false propaganda by the anti Telangana elements, saying them that if the Telangana state is formed problems of Muslims will become worse. But the fact is that separate state of Telangana is in the interest of Muslims.

During the 1969 movement, all the activities for separate Telangana were carried out in and around Charminar. One of the biggest rallies was taken out from Charminar to Raj Bhavan. But today there is no movement in that area and the people are totally ignored by political parties and activists and they are misguided by some vested interests.



Another important point that came out was that there is a need to make political movement a people’s movement. If the separate Telangana state is not formed this time, it can never be achieved and the sufferings of people of Telangana will become worse.


Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MiM), political force in Hyderabad strongly oppose formation of Telengana state, since BJP will be a strong force in this region and threaten the security of about 48 lakhs Muslims living in this area. Others term MiM opposition as politically motivated.


Speakers in this meet expressed their opinion that the Telangana Movement should not be used as political tool but take it as an opportunity towards the development of the Telangana people by forming a Telangana state. All the political parties should involve themselves in the movement whole-heartedly, but not for the sake of gaining political power. It was viewed that there is lot of difference in expressing and practicing on the issue of Telangana by the political parties. The speakers also expressed great concern over the conspiracies made by the anti-Telangana elements. Therefore there is a need to overcome those conspiracies and come forward united for achieving the goal of Separate Telangana Statehood.


The meet was presided by Lateef Mohd Khan and Prof. Rama Melkote. Others who spoke on this occasion were Justice Sardar Ali Khan, K.M.Arifuddin (Madina Education Society), Narsing Rao, Prof Anwar Mozam, Dr. Rafat Seema (NISA), Anwar Khan (Principal of Anwaruloom College), M.A.Basith Khan (TSTU), Mohd Masood Ahmad (DTF) and Dr.M.A.Qayoom (MANU).



1. yuvakudu - డిసెంబర్ 1, 2009

oka yuvakudi… gosha….i have read alot in internet about this separate telangana they have mentioned reasons 1. telangana is not development myquest) rest of ap also same problem..have u left hyd and seen the remote place of andhra pradesh? 2. first place we never wanted to be part of andhrapradesh during formation is the 2nd reason.
me) if this is the reason, hyd NEVER wanted to be part of andhra pradesh in first place. So hyd ppl have been asking have said this verry very earlier then telangana. WHY IS THIS NOT CONSIDERED……….. if telangana ppl want… separate state, rest of AP people also have SAME rights to as them…. SO HYDERABAD ppl voice also have to consider…… hyd was the first one to ask for separate STATE… so if REALLY someone wants to divide Andhrapradesh….It must be dividied into 3 or 4, Andhra, telangana, hyd….. not just andhra and telanga .every one has right…not just telanga ppl……why must make injustice to hyd ppl,


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