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PRP Takeover of NTP? డిసెంబర్ 22, 2008

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in elections, Telangana.

NTP forges poll alliance with PRP
22 December 2008, Times of India

HYDERABAD: The Nav Telangana Party (NTP) on Sunday announced that it had decided to have a poll alliance with the Prajarajyam party led by Chiranjeevi

NTP president T Devender Goud met Chiranjeevi at PRP office on Sunday and held talks on the possible alliance between the two sides. Later, NTP leader E Peddi Reddy said that both the parties decided to contest the polls together and also hold joint agitations in the days to come. NTP sources also indicate that they had proposed to PRP that 28 assembly seats and four Lok Sabha seats should be given to them. A decision from PRP is still awaited.

The NTP leader, who also participated in the discussion, said that Chiranjeevi accepted the NTP’s proposal to forge an election alliance with PRP. Chiranjeevi, he said, underscored the need to unite all forces struggling for the cause of social justice in the coming election. The actor- turned- politician had also extended solidarity to NTP for launching a movement for separate Telangana. The coming together of these two parties would help in strengthening the base of both the parties, he said.

Goud said the PRP’s concept- “social justice” had attracted them to join hands with PRP. He said that ‘his party also wants that TRS should join hands with PRP.

But sources feel that TRS would not go with PRP-NTP combine. Apart from being averse to join hands with NTP, TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao’s name also figures in the big fish scam. Since the opposition was planning to organise joint agitation against the government over the scam, KCR would like to join in the proposed agitation to prove that he was in no way involved in it. They also confirm that Naidu had talks with TRS party leaders on Sunday about the proposed agitation and TRS has committed to join them on this issue.

Source: Times of India 22 December 2008



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