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Ambadas Mahurkar- Teacher of wet-in-wet watercolour జూలై 2, 2008

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Different folks, different strokes

Ambadas Mahurkar’s school encourages watercolour artists

DEFT STROKES One of the works of budding artists  

If you are artistically inclined, in all probability you have heard of a small but active centre that nurtures and promotes art and encourages budding artists.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle in the silent environs of Uma Nagar is Kalamandir, the art school of senior watercolour artist Ambadas Mahurkar.

Mahurkar, who retired as an art teacher from Little Flower school after 37 years of service, set up Kalamandir in 1990 to keep himself involved with the two fields that he is passionate about – art and the teaching of art, a rare combination, seldom found in one individual.

Young Uzma, a student of Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts came to Kalamandir few months ago. “I have picked up many techniques here from both Mahurkar and other students.

Besides art, I learn many other things and look forward to coming here despite having to travel 20 kms,” says Uzma.

Twenty five-year-old Vinayak is an employee of NFC who has been dabbling in art as a hobby since his student days.

When he first came to Hyderabad, his search for a watercolour artist ended at Kalamandir and he confides, “There are very few practicing watercolour artists and I feel privileged to train under Mahurkar who gives us a lot of freedom and encouragement. The moment I sign off from work I head for the art class and am happy to have my works on exhibit here for the first time.”

Art as stress buster

At 74, Mahurkar is as humble as they come and enthusiastic about art and its multi-fold benefits such as increased concentration and helping to de-stress. He seldom ignores an opportunity to showcase the talents of his promising artists be it an eight year old, a student of Fine Arts or a housewife holding a brush for the first time in four decades.

The recent exhibition inaugurated by Mohd Azizuddin showcased the talent of 15 of his students in mediums of oil, watercolour, dry pastels, acrylic, pen and ink and charcoal sketches.

“Contemporary art has become very popular of late with corporates, hotels and even hospitals willing to invest in art. This is a change from the old days and holds a lot of promise for hardworking amateur artists,” says Mahurkar who attributes his good physical and mental health to his art school.


source: The HIndu, Metro PLus Hyderabad, Thursday, Jul 13, 2006


 Maestro Art Gallery




Art teacher passes away

Special Correspondent




Ambadas Mahurkar

HYDERABAD: Ambadas Mahurkar, a reputed artist and one of the oldest in the breed of those who used water colours passed away here on Sunday, after a cardiac arrest.

He was 75 and is survived by wife, three sons, two grandsons and daughter-in-law.

He was specially known using transparent water colours in all their splendour, using the wet-in-wet technique and is credited with the distinction of keeping the rare technique alive in the country.

He was a recipient of `Chitra Kala Kaushal’ from Swami Shivananda in Rishikesh, way back in 1965 and several other national and international awards for contribution to the art.

Ambadas Mahurkar taught art at the Little Flower High School for three decades and also ran `Kala Mandir’ an ashram for art, according to a press release.

source: The Hindu, Hyderabad June 5, 2007



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