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No ‘Andhra’ Hotels in Medak జూన్ 29, 2008

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No more idly, sambar in Telangana hotels?


Staff Reporter


TRS asks hoteliers to serve Ragi Sankati, jonna rottelu


Sangareddy: The Medak unit of Telangana Rashtra Samiti Medak launched a programme of counselling the shop owners to drop the word ‘Andhra’ from their hoardings.


Former member of Legislative Council R. Satyanarayana and his followers on Sunday organised a rally here and urged the shopkeepers, particularly the hoteliers, to remove the word Andhra from the boards and add food items from Telangana region.


The TRS activists called the proprietor of the hotels for counselling and asked them to which part of the State they belonged to. Few told them they were from Andhra.


The TRS asked them to continue with their business but only after removing the word ‘Andhra’ from the board.


Shop keepers warned


Similar strictures were passed on the hoteliers to remove all the food items that originate from Andhra like Idly, sambar and introduce Ragi sankati and Jonna Rottelu instead.


The former MLC warned the shop keepers to respect the sentiments of Telangana by encouraging its food and culture. He said that TRS has no objection if the names of Andhra Gods like Venkateswara or Durga are used as names of the hotels.


The TRS gave a day’s time to follow their diktat or face direct action. Some of the hotel owners agreed to remove ‘Andhra’ immediately while others sought time. One of the TRS activists who tried to paint the word ‘Andhra’ black on a name board was whisked away by the police.


Source: The Hindu, 30 June 2008




1. S S - జూన్ 30, 2008

I am from Telangana and I telangana.

This looks very bad. They can make a request to serve Ragi sankati and Jonna Rottelu but not to remove the Idly & Sambar. In this case whether TRS leaders are took any decision for not to cook / eat idly and sambar.

Its a bullshit….

2. netijen - జూలై 1, 2008

ఇది కొంచెం అతి!
ఉడిపి ఫలహార శాల, బ్రాహ్మణ భోజన శాల, ఆంధ్ర భోజన శాల!!

3. Raghu - జూలై 7, 2008

i fully support for removing the name “Andhra” from the boards, because it is must for every agitation to bring the people together, we have to do all type of thing inthe getting people one. And also say that after getting seperate teleanga we can allow them to put their names as they wish, its is democray na. Thank u

4. Suresh - జూలై 10, 2008

Hey guys, you didn’t understand correctly the point from TRS. They are committed to kick off the dominations by Costal Andhra on their culture and identity. That is the reason they insisted that name should not consist ‘Andhra’. That is acceptable. They said you(Andhra people) to continue busyness but add the Telangana dishes to the menu.
I fully support Telangana activists. We will allow Andhra guys to live in Telangana as we live. But at the same time they SHOULD be in their limits. Every Telangana individual SHOULD command respect and have right to preserve their identity and promote their culture fearlessly. This is our land and we are the proud Telanganites.
Jai Telangana.

5. Sai - జూలై 13, 2008

“. He (TRS activist, R Satyanarayan) said that TRS has no objection if the names of Andhra Gods like Venkateswara or Durga are used as names of the hotels.”

Well havn’t heard of Andhra gods or Telangana gods, didn’t know that even Gods can be separated region wise, i though Lord Venkateshwara belonged to every hindu, irrespective of regions or places of birth. I complete agree with separate Telangana movement, but somehow like all reasonable people don’t agree with the antics of such irresponsible elements like …..R Satyanarana


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