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People reject great promises with no action- TRS planned to fail జూన్ 3, 2008

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in elections, In News, politics, Telangana.

Slap for the TRS



The results of the byelections for four Lok Sabha and 16 Assembly segments in Telangana region are a resounding slap for the Telangana Rashtra Samiti and its leader, Mr K. Chandrasekhara Rao. It was the TRS which forced the byelections through en masse resignations of its representatives. But the party was only able to win seven Assembly seats and two LS seats leaving the rest to the Congress and the Telugu Desam. Mr Rao himself scraped through from Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency with a slender margin of around 16,000 votes. The TRS has nobody to blame for this debacle but itself. Complacency was writ large on its campaign. Mr Rao and his cohorts overestimated their hold over the region and underestimated the public ire over frequent elections over silly rows. With no second thoughts, Mr Rao fielded the same jaded faces, unmindful of voter fatigue. While the Congress and the Telugu Desam, which were not too keen on the polls, sweated it out on the campaign trail, Mr Rao and his men smirked as if they held the region in the palms of the hand. They felt that there was no need to strain their sinews and that the magical Telangana slogan would do the job. But it was not so.


The TRS candidates lost their deposits in Khairatabad and Vikarabad. In seven other constituencies, they came a poor third. The party was unable to score a single victory in five districts. The electoral debacle should at least teach Mr Rao to desist from knee-jerk decisions and not to take the people of the region for granted. On the other hand, the Congress and TD look more robust now, all thanks to Mr Rao. The Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, did not take the polls lightly. He examined all electoral permutations and combinations, and toured all areas, trying to sell his development slogan in real earnest. His efforts paid off and the Congress was able to wrest five seats from the TRS and retain Khairatabad with an impressive victory margin.


Similarly, the TD supremo, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, also sweated it out braving the summer heat. His party, which could get only 11 out of 107 seats in Telangana region in the 2004 polls, was able to win in four Assembly segments because of his attempt to reach out. It was a reassertion of the TD’s traditional strength. Politically, the by polls have brought the Congress and the TD again to the centre-stage and have marginalised other parties. More than anything else, the poll results have cast doubts on the much-trumpeted Telangana sentiment which was supposed to be prevalent everywhere. It proved to be as elusive as the Cheshire cat


Source: Deccan Chronicle- Editorial, 2 June 2008



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