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Udaya Chiluveru – Telangana idiom in versatile art డిసెంబర్ 18, 2007

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Art, Telangana.

All that glitters

Creativity that eludes a label

Eyes and flowers One of the creations of Udaya

The creativity of Udaya Chiluveru doesn’t fit into a category of a sculptor, painter, goldsmith or someone who works with wood. She is adept at all these and more. Using myriad materials ranging from acrylic on canvas to wood cuttings to gold foil to diamonds, Udaya brings alive the images in her mind.

The shine and shimmer in her works is real. If one of the canvas has a piece of zari sari paloo giving the realism, then another has a diamond stuck at the place where the ear stud ought to be.

The shine of the gold is not an even shimmer but one that is hammered down at edges to buffness, showing the skill of the artist.

More than the medium, the idiom of Telangana dominates. The images of women chatting, waiting with sunflowers in their hands or jasmines in the hair, the dark skinned men, it is as if time has stilled. The images are one thing, the execution is what marks out the work of this artist. The command over the three-dimensional space gives a realism with the relief.


Source: The Hindu/ Metro Pus- Hyderabad Saturday Dec 15, 2007

Paintings Exhibition by Udaya Chiluveru from 10 to 20 December 2007
Shrishti Art Gallery is organising an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Udaya Chiluveru from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Click Here to see more paintings By Udaya Chiluveru (Courtesy : Shrishti Art Gallery)

ART that glitters
Wednesday December 12 2007 10:39 ISTAnil Ekbote



THERE was a time when works in mixed media or with other embellishments were looked upon as craft and the puritans were not quite comfortable with them.

However, times seem to have changed, and certainly in the case of Udaya Chiluveru whose works are on display at the Shrishti Art Gallery. The exhibition, inaugurated by art scholar Jagdeesh Mittal, is on till 20 December.

In Udaya’s works, one finds dazzling gold foils, bronze, glass and 6- cent diamonds. Of course, Tanjavur paintings specialise in using gold. The 12th century Jain manuscripts also used gold in ink, and miniature paintings, too, made use of them.

Today, the Kanhai family of Brij is internationally known for gem-studded portraits made in gold and silver and their art has come to be known as Kanhai art. In this backdrop, where does Udaya stand? For one, quite a few of the faces done in gold thickly stand out in the frames with their minimal details enhancing their lumpiness.

However, these are only few and in others, Udaya Chiluveru has deftly taken care of details. Though most of her subjects are women, there are noticeable numbers of men, many of whom are with stylish moustaches, too.

Like, while the turbaned old man has a bushy white grandfatherly moustache, the young men with their female partners have attractively carved ones. Interestingly, Udaya’s women are neither very rich nor modern.

They stand together unassumingly. And they are always with flowers. Holding red-sunflowers in hands, carrying stringed flowers, wearing them in hair and, if nothing else, standing in front of a screen with flowers painted on it.

Udaya has used gold foil for face and skin and has studded tiny diamonds in ears. In many works, the attires have threads of gold and gleaming blue. It is a happy augury that out of all this glitter, Udaya’s confident lines and pleasant laying of colours catch the eyes.

Her drawings in colour pencils, like that of a woman with her head half covered with a pallu, stand testimony to this. When this is so, one gets a jolt to see small cut-outs of wood, like those seen often in mementoes. Udaya has painted attractive faces of young women and a pig-tailed Brahmin.

She has also made similar cut-out of a handsome couple and placed it in front of another cut-out of large blue flowers.

The frame is no doubt charming, but one has to make some effort to overcome inhibitions and accept that this form of art, which stands far apart from the works in gold and diamonds, is also enchanting.



1. Palakurthy - డిసెంబర్ 26, 2007

Great art & Keep it up


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