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Small is Beautiful- Call for More Smaller States అక్టోబర్ 11, 2007

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Divide and Rule: India should have more and smaller states

The Times of India Editorial, Oct 11, 2007

Mayawati’s call to divide UP into three states is apt. Uttar Pradesh is a monster state with a population of 166 million. That’s more than half the population of the US and 70 million more than Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India. UP is not just one of the least developed states in the country, it is also the most crime prone and one reason for the abysmal state of governance in UP is its unmanageable size. Unlike states formed on a linguistic basis, various regions were fused together after independence to form this unwieldy administrative unit.

Why not now divide it into three or four smaller states of the size of Uttarakhand, which was carved out of UP in 2000? The division could be along the following lines: Harit Pradesh comprising western districts of UP, Purvanchal in the east, Awadh and Bundelkhand. Hopefully, such a division will raise the quality of governance and better use of economic resources in each of these regions, which are quite distinct from one another.

The reasoning for smaller states holds true for other parts of India as well. Popular movements are on in Andhra Pradesh, and to some extent in Maharashtra, for separate Telangana and Vidarbha states. Telangana Rashtra Samiti, a political outfit launched to seek a Telangana state, won a significant number of Lok Sabha and assembly seats in 2004. Congress, which allied with TRS, has promised a second states’ reorganisation commission to study the demands for a separate state.

The first states’ reorganisation commission submitted its report in 1955 and endorsed the demand for language-based states. Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, besides many others, were constituted accordingly while different administrative units of British India and the princely states were merged and reshaped to form states. Economic factors now seem to override issues of linguistic identity in several areas of the country. That’s understandable. Vidarbha and Telangana are less developed when compared to neighbouring areas. So is the case with most of UP, barring parts of western UP.

Are smaller states always better governed? Not necessarily, but India’s experience with small states has by and large been positive. Even the laggards have fared well in comparison with their mother states. So, why not increase the number of states in the Indian union from the present 28? Remember, the US with less than one-third of India’s population has 50 states. What could upset a new round of states’ reorganisation is a lack of consensus among political parties on the issue. Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and Telugu Desam in Andhra Pradesh, for example, have strong views on the matter. The Centre would, therefore, have to find common ground among a number of conflicting positions. But, to start with, it should seriously consider Mayawati’s proposal to trifurcate the mammoth state of UP.

source- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Opinion/Editorial/TODAYS_EDITORIAL_Divide_and_Rule/articleshow/2447219.cms



1. N Venugopal - అక్టోబర్ 11, 2007

>>>The first states’ reorganisation commission submitted its report in 1955 and endorsed the demand for language-based states.

I’m sorry, the States Reorganisation Commission headed by Syed Fazl Ali DID NOT ENDORSE the demand for linguistic states. In fact, the commission opposed the demand and referred to other parameters. The commission recommended for continuation of Telugu speaking areas (Telangana) of the then Hyderabad state as a separate state, contrary to the demand of merging it with the then Andhra state. Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, the then chief minister of Hyderabad state was also in favour of this recommendation in the beginning. However the local Congress leaders of Andhra state lobbied with Nehru and forced him to abandon Fazl Ali report. In turn Nehru forced the Congress leaders of Hyderabad state to accept merger on the basis of a Gentlemen’s Agreement.

2. M.Krishna Rao (Now in USA) - అక్టోబర్ 12, 2007

Mayawati’s call to divide UP into three states is a most intellectual idea, which not only exhibits her noble thought of sharing her power with two more chief ministers but also helps in better egovernance of the states for accelerated development in all the spheres, besides excersinig good control over the crime & terrorist related matters. Keeping the growth of population, poverty, illiteracy, poor sanitation/health/infrastructure, low agril productivity per unit of hactare & trend of threat of terrorist activities, etc., the formation of small and manageable states will march towards the faster development to make this huge/great country into a super power*, in the decades to come.
(* condition apply, which are known to every one, such as corruption, red tapism, law & order, etc). Advantages are more in the formation of smaller states than the bigger one, as we have seen the good & accelerated progress made after the formation of mandals (by dividing the taluqs into small units) in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Most of the departments/services of the govt can be privatised as done in the developed countries, to overcome the burden on govt ex-chequer.

3. srinivas raj b - అక్టోబర్ 12, 2007

Infact, the bold move of Mayawathi, is a welcome step. After taking over charge as Chief Minister of UP just few months back, and coming up with the idea of splitting the state into three smaller states is a good and bold decision on her part. This clearly displays her zeal to do something for the people over there who are experiencing crime, and underdevelopment in all aspects.

Infact, the Knowledge Commission set up by Central Government recommends setting up more no. of Universities in the country from the current no. of 300 universities for imparting higher education and reaching out to more students in the rural areas. In this way, the Smaller states would definitely pave way for better governance. As we can see within india, the smaller states like Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Goa etc. and the newly formed states like Chattisgarh, and Uttaranchal are on the growth path. Hence, the formation of smaller states should be welcomed by one and all.


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