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Artists of Telangana మే 8, 2007

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Colourful palette

Radhika Rajamani

Rooted in the rural milieu of this region of Andhra Pradesh, the works of artists Laxma Goud, T. Vaikuntam, Bairu Raghuram and Laxman Aelay evoke the indigenous imagery. 

Knocking: Laxman Aelay  

That artists are conditioned by the environment is a well-known and recognised fact. The rural landscape has not escaped the attention of the above-mentioned four artists – it in fact dominates their canvas. From men, women, goat, huts to vegetation – the images reflect a stark reality – an idyll one on which is slowly being threatened by urbanisation. The works basically recreate the rural landscape in a way as if it is frozen in time. The colour, innocence, simplicity, flora and fauna are indicative of the bucolic naivety. And the imagery is stylised – peculiar to each artist. 

Men and women are the primary characters in Laxma Goud’s, Vaikuntam’s, Bairu’s and Aelay’s works. Laxma Goud’s fairly colourful compositions (mixed media on paper) portray men and women sitting in groups, men with turbans and women wearing bindis done in fine lines. The female form displays a little eroticism. Plants jostle for space in the work and hence are juxtaposed with the figures. The goat is a leitmotif in Laxma’s and Bairu’s works. Bairu’s depictions are simple. T. Vaikuntam’s signature Telangana women are by now familiar to most people – stylised images in bright, bold colours replete with the big bindis and jewellery (mixed media on paper and acrylic on canvas board). Known as Ramavva or Pochavva, these stand out along with those of the Brahmin priest (Rajaiah Pantulu) and others in the trademark style, which the artist has been following for many years now. Two etchings showcase the different side of the artist’s oeuvre. Mostly in dual tones, they are devoid of the bright embellishments, which characterise his Telangana men and women.

Leisure time: Bairu Raghuram

Laxman Aelay too scans the rural setting and depicts the elements of life rooted in the specific culturality of a village – men, women against the backdrop of their homes. Surya Prakash captures nature in a kaleidoscope of colours. Works under the “Dream of Nature” series are akin to `impressionist’ works when observed from a distance. Some kind of `turbulence’ in nature can be observed in two works.

Untitled: Laxma Goud

Nandini Goud’s works are urban descriptions focussing on interiors of households. Still life in the form of vases of flowers and fruits on the table are part of her vocabulary. Bright colours characterise all the works – be it still life, the goat and the hut, faces or the cosmetic equipment.


Telangana woman with parrot: T. Vaikuntam

excerpts  – RADHIKA RAJAMANI, Colourful Palette, Metro Plus, The Hindu, 11 March, 2004  



1. manyav - మే 8, 2007

I wonder how artists identify themselves. will they call themselves “telangana artists” or “telugu artists” or “southindia artists” or “xyz caste artists” …..or just simply as “artists”

2. Jaya Prakash - మే 9, 2007


I guess you missed reading what the title said ‘Artists of Telangana’ in trying to express your anguish (or what ever you have against Telangana)

Well thats what they are called ‘Artists of Telangana’ !

3. స్వరూప్ కుందూరు - మే 24, 2007

ఈ మెస్సజెస్ తెలంగణం ల ఉంటె ఎంత మంచిగుండో


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