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TUC Calender Release Function-Brief Report జనవరి 15, 2007

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Spirit of Telangana 2007 Calendar Release function by Utsav Committee was held on January 7th at YMCA, Narayanaguda at Hyderabad. It is a memorable event for all those who took part in the program. People from different walks of life came to share the joy of Telangana Spirit. Socialist leaders to social work activists from several districts, students to teaching community joined the event. It was great to have the participation of women in good number from not only Hyderabad city but also from districts. It is very encouraging for all of us. It was a great meeting as it brought together several old friends of college days.  
The programme started with Sujatha’s welcome address and inviting the guests on dais- Prof Keshav Rao Jadhav socialist leader and writer, Sri Narayana Reddy freedom fighter, Sri M Bharath Bhushan Chairman of Utsav Committee, Andhe Sri and Dr Revathi Vice Chairman of TUC. Revathi chaired the meeting. Programme commenced with Andhesri singing Jaya Jaya Jayahey Telangana, Jananee Jaya Kethanam.
Bharath Bhushan briefed the activities of TUC that started in 2005 with a small group of friends initiating some action to go out to people on issues of Telangana which gradually has become a very fruitful exercise. in the areas of promoting understanding of Telangana culture and heritage and the spirit of self pride. TUC realised that there was a  lot to talk about ‘Why Telangana’ among some sections and it was not correct to assume that all do know why Telangana is needed, he said. There is very little information available about our land and people and much that is available is highly distorted. Today there are several groups trying to address this problem. Groups like Telangana Information Trust, Kaloji Foundation, Lets Discover Telangana, TDF, TVV among others are trying to address needs of information and proper understanding of our demands and issues, he explained. We need to inform our youth about our land, history, and great cultural heritage. Initially there was some lukewarm response to TUC focus on students, youth, and cultural symbols and some thought it was not an important activity or of their level. But past two years have seen consistent growth of the cultural revival movement in the form of Bathukamma festival, literature, cultural dhoom dham, art, song, publications etc. It was these efforts that many now admit was vital to the growing solidarity and cohesion and is central to the identity, he said. Today the calendar is popular and some members look forward to it as a symbol of art representation of the Spirit of Telangana, and we know how much better it could be done, he said. He also reminded that all forces against Telangana are very active and more active than the separatists. Each political party is having agendas of four states on their cards – three regional agendas and the undivided AP. YSR wants just another two years and another SRC to complete his mission of looting Telangana and diverting Godavari to Krishna basin. Today everybody is talking about Telangana and that’s why there is need to promote proper understanding.   
Today there is BJP Telangana, Communist Telangana, Muslim Telangana, TDP Telangana, Congress Telangana and so on while we need a comprehensive Telangana and a people’s Telangana which also reflects women, dalits, adivasis, farmers, students, artisans, varied communities and livelihoods of people in Telangana, and a Telangana which reflects the blend and cultural diversity. A Telangana that is beyond the elections and public meetings. What we need is a Telangana by which one could say it is a lifestyle and this is the way one lives as a Telangana person different from one who is not a Telangana, he said. Can we have something by which a Telangana person says i will not read something that does not respect my values, will not eat that makes mockery of cuisine, does not entertain films that portray me a joker or a villain or say that this is how i assert my identity as a proud citizen of Telangana than occasional attendance in meetings or casting a vote. We need to take Telangana beyond and make the people and their action central to the movement, and the vision of TUC is to contribute towards that in however small way it is, he said. Spirit of Telangana calendar was part of that mission, he said.
Prof. Keshav Rao Jadav sir released the ‘Spirit of Telangana Calender-2007 and spoke about cultural heritage of Telangana and spirit of self pride. He drew attention to innumerable  sacrifices that this land has made in protecting Telangana identity. Listening to his address was great education. I came to know so many things of our great past and tradition. It was very informative and inspiring to hear Jadhav Sir. He shared experience of his tryst with Telugu bhasha and how it was discriminated when he tried to speak the old city Telugu. “Teachers” ridiculed his Telugu. And he rejected those teachers as well as the plan to learn that Telugu, he said.
Telangana question is not only about economic exploitation but it is about ‘self respect’,  freedom and autonomy, he emphasised.  He was narrating how great women leaders were neglected by history. Women played a great role in the fight against the then Muslim rulers to save Gollakonda.  Our traditions, life, literature, science and technology, history and culture of Telangana has a unique place in world history which the current generation is not aware of because many forces are trying to distort our history to suit their own interests.  He said we need to build an agitation like 1969, with our youth being the active members of the agitation to free Telangana from the clutches of coastal exploitation. Song, art and literature are important means of building a sense of identity and also very important means of popularising the collective beliefs and collective concerns and the demand for a Telangana with Self Respect. There was a calendar of Telangana long back during the great agitation and today we have Utsav Committee bringing out a marvellous calendar in great colours, he said.
Sri Narayana Reddy spoke about the struggles which he participated and told that we need more dedicated activists for building a strong movement to achieve Telangana. Sacrifices and struggle is essential  for any major change, he said. Separate statehood for Telangana is a demand of great importance, he said. Following, there was great interest amongst participants who shared their observations on the calendar and activities of TUC. Ambika spoke of the distress conditions in Telangana and agrarian crisis that is leaving behind a death trail. Mr. Viplav Reddy (TDF-US) shared his experiences and views on separate statehood. Calender is an example of great work and its worth keeping in every body’s house, he said. I have a  photograph of childhood with a calendar of Telangana in the background. I would say it is still less, even if you pay 500 rupees foro this calendar. Please take a calendar and give it to friends and take a picture standing with this Telangana calendar, he said. Kieth Trevor told he was proud to be associated with the Utsav activities and feels inspired to see that mails come with an address line that has Telangana in place of Andhra Pradesh after Hyderabad. It is great to read Telangana following Hyderabad and thats the spirit i see in TUC, he said. Vajeesh, KRK Murthy, Yadav of Hyderabad Praja Party, Rajashekhar Reddy Allipuram, students, Advocates also shared their experiences.
Dr Revathi concluded the function with presidential remarks on the activities of TUC and the calendar. Essay writing competitions during the past two years engaging students in large numbers and creating an interest among them to understand and identify with the aspirations of our people. Essay writing competitions attracted tens of thousands of students all over Telangana and from schools it has gone to colleges and University, she told. So was our communication measures from talks to the website and online information dissemination, she said. She told that TUC activities are outcomes of collective efforts and although TUC has constraints owing to limited resources the members feel inspired to do again one more challenging activity because of the response that Telangana supporters have been showing form time to time, she said.
Mr. Leslie, freelance consultant and several friends said that they would have lost a great experience if they failed to participate in the meeting.
Songs like beads in a chain of inspiring talks were presented by Ambica, Narne Kishore, Gopal, Andhe Sri
Finally friends, its really a moment to remember, a note to think and an inspiration to work forward for Telangana till it is achieved.
Its your support and our experience
I request other members to also add their observations and make it a comprehensive report
Jai Telangana
Sujatha Surepally



1. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 20, 2010

“Nanu kanna na thalli jai telangana” . @Telangana will come very soon. @ I LOVE TELANGANA NO ONE CAN STOP IT.

2. అనామకం - ఏప్రిల్ 23, 2012

I am very proud to be born in telangana!!!jai Telangana till our last breath.

3. Mandha solomon raj - సెప్టెంబర్ 19, 2013

3.TELANGANA is our birth right.TELANGANA achieved.bereaved souls to myrtyars of telangana biddas.BUILD TELANGANA a GOOD


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