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Spirit of Telangana Calendar-2006 నవంబర్ 15, 2006

Posted by Telangana Utsav in Videos.

Click Here if you can’t see the video 

You can also read the song here మాతృ గీతం .


1. Biksham Gujja, SWITZERLAND - ఫిబ్రవరి 1, 2006

Dear Telanganites,
I too was there at the function yesterday. It was really great to see many new (particularly younger) energetic people. The Calendar is very good, nicely done. Excellent work.
First time, as some one mentioned there, a very positive, proud message about the region. Ravati and her team has done a fantastic work in producing it. They indeed inspired us to do many more such positive things to propagate the new face and new confidence of the region.
Once again I congratulate Ravati and her artistic team in producing this great Calendar- which is already nicely displayed on the wall of my apartment in Switzerland.

2. Nandini Prasad, Hyderabad - ఫిబ్రవరి 1, 2006

Yep ! its a great feeling !!
I am flashing them around and gifting them, The First one to my dear mother, I was thrilled to see her Joy and for sometime she was lost in treating her heart with that and claiming proudly yes This is My Karimnagar and Warangal!! You bet, I felt I gifted her the World.
At my work place, It was The exhibit and discussion centered around it early in the morning, and Lo! Today I am made to carry all the extra copies I had for my team.
All this says… Bharat, Revathi, Anita and Team

3. Ramchander Pala, DUBAI - ఫిబ్రవరి 11, 2006

“We have a huge population of Telanganites in Dubai. We expect this calender shall ignite the spirit of Telangana amongst our people in UAE. Looking forward to receive the calenders which are very impressive as seen on the website”

4. D.Panduranga Reddy, TDF - India - ఫిబ్రవరి 1, 2006

The Calendar came very niclely with colourful pictures of Telangana monuments, peoples beliefs, jatharas, festivals & people etc.
All the 10 Telangana districts were represented in the calender with important places, dates etc.,. with beautiful quotations. The Calendar is very impressive & attractive; every household in Telangana must keep this calendar.

5. Sujata Surepally, Hyderabad - జనవరి 23, 2006

Just saw ‘our’ calender, i dont have words to express. Its wonderful !

6. Varsha Rao B, USA - జనవరి 31, 2006

The calender has come out beautifully. Great work … I loved it so much.

7. Kieth Trevor, Hyderabad - ఫిబ్రవరి 1, 2006

The Spirit of Telangana 2006 has evoked and brought to the surface the inherent pride of being a “Telanganite”
It is truly a statement that is difficult to ignore or criticize. A reminder that this unique land and its medley of peoples with their indomitable spirit will not be diluted or polluted by deliberately enforced aberrations.
The Spirit of Telangana 2006 is not just a calendar beautifully designed and professionally presented. It is evidence that we need to reassert our inimitable presence.
Congratulations and regards to all those who contributed towards making the spirit of Telangana touch the spirit of its people.

8. S. Srinivas goud - నవంబర్ 17, 2006

The spirit is high and reflects the true emotionas of the people of the Telangana region. The video work is with high cultural values of the region. The effort is rebuilding the emotions of the people of Telangana.

This is the need of the hour to teach our young generation about the high moral values, culture and belief in human dignity and pride the region represents and the people are recognised for. The spirit of Telengana lives in the sacrifices the people are ready to make to keep up the truth and value the togetherness of family & friendship.

Long live People of Telangana and Long Live the Culture of Telengana.

9. amar - జనవరి 10, 2007


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