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Spirit of Telangana Calendar 2007 నవంబర్ 15, 2006

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Appeals.

Dear Friends
Telangana Utsav Committee
is printing a multi color “Spirit of Telangana Calendar 2007” like the ‘Spirit of Telangana 2006‘.  We request your support for it.
Telangana Utsav Committee ( TUC) is a non-political entity comprising social work professionals, academicians, students and volunteers engaged in promotion of understanding of Telangana culture and heritage.
TUC has been organizing essay writing competitions among the student community to motivate their interest in Telangana society, economy and culture. Besides nurturing the quest to understand one’s culture and issues of identity, the essay competitions have been vehicles of young voices of the Telangana as seen by the present generation. Thousands of students have taken part in these competitions. Essays are available on the TUC website. These competitions have been held in 2005 and 2006 and have generated great interest in the youth.
Spirit of Telangana Calendar brought out by TUC is considered colorful expression of the life and culture. Some view it as beautiful and some see it as an icon of Telangana culture and life . It is a collective effort of photographers and artists from the region. Besides, TUC promotes dialogue through other forms like photo exhibitions, talks, discussions, publications, yahoo group discussions etc.
We request your support for the Spirit of Telangana Calendar 2007 which is planned to be brought out in second week of December 2006. It is 10,000 copies, multi color, size 15 x 20 inches, Foreign Art Paper, with spiral binding.
Your support helps us to take this calendar to a large number of people to proudly display Telangana in colors in their homes. Your support helps to reduce price of the calendar. Sponsors will be acknowledged prominently with name and address in the strip below the dates of the month. Contributions of $ 200 by NRI friends (or Rs 3000 by local friends) will carry publication of sponsors’ details in one page.
A line in reply about your support will be highly appreciated if it could reach us by 12 December 2006 . For details contact Coordinator, Telangana Utsav Committee at vishnuvardhanv@gmail.com   or telanganautsav.coordinator@gmail.com
Cheques may be sent in favour of “Telangana Utsav Committee
We count on the solidarity of each & every person who is connected with the cause of Telangana. 
Jai Telangana
For Telangana Utsav Committee
Bharath Bhushan

Any enquiries may also be written to

• M Bharath Bhushan, Chairman, TUC mbbhushan@gmail.com
• E Revathi, Vice Chairperson, TUC revathiellanki@yahoo.co.uk
• Vishnu Vardhan V,  Treasurer, TUC vishnuvardhanv@gmail.com

Address for correspondence :
Chairman, Telangana Utsav Committee,
Flat 305, Landmark Residency, 1-2-365/4,
Domalguda, Hyderabad, Telangana, India -500 029

How to send contributions to Spirit of Telangana 2007 Calendar?

If you use ICICI Money2India to send money,
Here is the information you will need to send money for the ‘Telangana Utsav Committee’ Spirit of Telangana 2007

Name  : Telangana Utsav Committee
Receiver’s address 1 : M. Anita, Flat No. 305, Landmark Residency, 
Receiver’s address 2 : 1-2-365/4, Domalguda
City : Hyderabad
State : Andhra Pradesh
Pin Code : 500029

Phone : 040-66754971
Mobile : 9949866603
Email : bspanita@yahoo.com
Receiver’s Bank : Oriental Bank of Commerce
DD Payable at : Hyderabad
Account Number : 11112011000347
Send Draft to : Receiver’s Address



1. kvsagar - నవంబర్ 16, 2006

great venture by an adventurist team for a cause that is dear to our silent majority throughout telangana. hope the calender would be ready by the date earlier than the last one. of course, it all depends on our active involvement, as stakeholders, if not shareholders!

2. madhusudhan kagula - జనవరి 2, 2007

dear bharath bhusan
iam madhukagula from mahabubnagar,i appriciated all the team of TUC for 2007 telangana calender.
yours freindly


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