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Appeal to the Friends of Telangana ! ఆగస్ట్ 28, 2006

Posted by Telangana Utsav in Appeals.

Telangana Utsav Committee
Flat No 503, North East Apartments, Domalguda, Hyderabad- 500029
Dr E Revathi, Chairperson     M Anita, Coordinator, Essay Writing Compt.
revathiellanki@yahoo.co.uk              bspanita@yahoo.com
9849943763                                             9949866603
August 22, 2006
Dear  Friends of Telangana,
Hope you all are aware of the ‘Essay Writing Competitions’ activity which is in progress. I wish to remind you that essay writing competitions was initiated last year with the support from you and other friends and groups which has been big success and is now growing into a large scale activity to engage you and students of Telangana in serious reflection and study of our conditions.  I request your support to this activity again to strengthen the efforts in enslisting participation of around 3000 to 5000 students in each district in this activity.
This is to instill a sense of pride about our culture and heritage and to also promote interest in understanding of issues and situation in regard to our Telangana. It has a few cash prizes for the best essays and the certificates to encourage participation of the students.
It is going to be a big event this year. The activities are gradually becoming widespread and there are increasing number of volunteers and members taking part in building the awareness on Telangana among our younger generation. This year we plan to take up the essay writing competitions to the university level too in addition to school and college levels like in the previous year on themes in Telugu, English and Urdu languages. Locally it is also held in Hindi in Adilabad and also some students of Warangal are writing in braille. 
There are teams of volunteers and Convenors for each district to coordinate and organise the competitions, select the best essays for the prizes and also organise the prize distribution programmes and talks on this occasion. The activity is initiated and media in districts has also covered it significantly. The essay competitions conclude by end of the month. Final programme of prize distribution and talks will be held on 17 September on the occasion of Telangana Vimochana Dinotsavam.  
We need your support in the form of
• financial support either individually or on behalf of the Telangana focused groups you are associated with to your own district or in general 
• informing your friends and contacts in Telangana districts about the activity
We need Rs 2.4 lakh for the Essay Writing Competitions that include prize amount, functions/ meetings in all ten districts, pamphlets and stationery, communications and publication of a book comprising the best essays and special articles written by experts on the select themes.
All contributors will be acknowledged in the prize distribution functions as well as for the book. Back cover of the book will have details of the sponsors. Contributions,  large or small amounts, are requested as in some district the need may be more than others. 
We have initiated the activity with the hope that it will be supported by all well wishers. We are also trying to mobilise the resources partly from friends and supporters in the districts. This also helps us build and enlist support base from large number of individuals and groups.
Kindly speak to our friends and enlist their support to the activity. Please make your invaluable contribution in favour of Telangana Utsav Committee, A/c No 1111 2011 0003 47 Oriental Bank of Commerce. Dr E Revathi, Chairperson may be contacted for details or the district Convenors for the activity.
Deatails of the themes for varied age groups:
Theme                                           school/ college                 prizes                                
Mana Pandagalu                                school                               10 prizes/ per district
Festivals of Telangana                       school                               10 prizes/ Telangana
Taqreeb- e- Telangana                       school                               10 prizes/ Telangana
(Prizes for each of the themes- First Prize Rs 1500, Second Prize Rs 1000, Third Prize Rs 500 and seven Consolation prizes of books & certificates)
Telangana Pratyeka Rastra Udyama Moolaalu    College          10 prizes/ Telangana
Roots of Demand for Separate State                College          10 prizes/ Telangana
(Prizes for each of the themes- First Prize Rs 2000, Second Prize Rs 1500, Third Prize Rs 1000 & seven Consolation prizes of books & certificates)
Irrigation- Telangana                       University                           10 prizes/ Telangana
Saagu neeru -Telangana                 University                           10 prizes/ Telangana
(Prizes for each of the themes- First Prize Rs 2500, Second Prize Rs 1500, Third Prize Rs 1000 & seven Consolation prizes of books & certificates)
Details of the proposed activity are furnished herewith for your favorable action.
Looking forward to your favourable response
Please write for any additional information, if required, to revathiellanki@yahoo.co.uk   and  bspanita@yahoo.com
In solidarity 
For Telangana Utsav Committee


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1. vishnu murthy - సెప్టెంబర్ 22, 2006

Telangana will separate in 2 years, that will do only kcr

jai telangana jai

2. kumar - సెప్టెంబర్ 26, 2006

KCR aage bado hum tumara sath hai!

3. venky - సెప్టెంబర్ 27, 2006

hey KCR we are here to help you -telangana software(MCA) student

4. naresh reddy - నవంబర్ 5, 2006

lage raho kcr hum apke sath hai..

5. naresh reddy - నవంబర్ 5, 2006

we supporting the KCR for his real commitment on telangana

అనామకం - ఫిబ్రవరి 21, 2010

GOT THE WEB ADDRESS telangana.com
here my eyes are opened ..

venkat - ఫిబ్రవరి 21, 2010

why dont we all right a letter to the Prime Minister, about the real fact .
here all the people of telangana region all are ready.


6. suman - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

our full support for the people who support for acheive telengana state
from Sri Bhagavathi youth

7. ravi - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

telangana future is not only in the hands of politicians but also in the hands of student.Till now only 90% of students have involved,no person can stop telangana state if remeining 10% involves

8. అనామకం - ఫిబ్రవరి 21, 2010


9. VChangeU - ఫిబ్రవరి 23, 2010

Telangana politicians are playing tricks to use this situation for their political survival. The politicians are misleading the students to spoil their future.

My suggestion to the students is, it will take 100’s of years to fulfill the promises made by Telangana Parties. Wake up students, don’t fool yourselves.

Show the same commitment in your studies and suggest the government a development agenda for the backward regions of Telangana if you can.

Politicians will be safe at their place. Only sufferers will be the people.

Burning Buses and Damaging private properties may be thrilling and free for you, but it costs a lot for the entire state. Violence in any form shouldn’t be tolerated. If you wish to pelt stones please do the same on the houses of Politicians who guide you for doing so.

10. venkat reddy - మార్చి 10, 2010

I really sad on the situation in telangana region these people and politicians of andhra region wantedlly pushing ous back.
why? we should we should GO AND REACH THE HILLS

IN year 2010 budget there are many illegal plans.
there is no IT in the telangana region.( see if at least one or two IT are placed in the region of telangana we will& can have a hope ( * the IT’s are moving to andhra region))
see in khammam the power plant is palceing on polavaram project
if so than one more region of telangana will become unwater place future.
The Incident in OSMANIA UNIVERSITY is the COPY PASTE of the incident OF Massacre of Jallianwala Bagh: On 13th April 1919.

11. అనామకం - మార్చి 21, 2010
12. అనామకం - మార్చి 21, 2010

ma telangna maku kavali
androda ma meeda me rajaim endira andra na kodukulu saico na kodukulu telangana dorala daggara pandi . pandabetty.—-,antha dochu kuny ippudu doralai kuhunnarra meeru, ee donga na andra, nni tanni tarama galaru, telangana nundi .jai telangana

అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 29, 2011

great!!! May god bless you people….

13. VChangeU - మార్చి 23, 2010

The end result of Srikrishna Committee will be United AP, since people from all the regions want United Andhra Pradesh.




15. yuvanayak.t.mallikarjuna - జూన్ 3, 2010

hollow friends
4june 2010 young youth developement pogramme started now. all political partys election time weste peper type using youth now.election time so many type working youth now.but all political partys rajasabha election old age leders elected now.indian old age home rajasabha now. votte perpose youth using rajasabha tikete perpose old leaders perpose now. please your party side cooperate youth immedently. youth primenistar and youth chief menistares electe immedently.yuvanayak.t.mallikarjuna bjp

16. sirpa gangadhar - సెప్టెంబర్ 27, 2010

telanga will come. we have to work hard achive it.after getting telangana we haveto work to
gether to develop telangana in all aspects.its not easy job.my dear friends of telangana and tdf are doing well in usa and other countris.

17. raj kumar - అక్టోబర్ 5, 2010

Telangana is already declared on December 9 2009 but it is stopped by some Andhra Royalsima people. Nara Chandra Bubu Nayudu is the No 1 culprit in this. Like lagadapati rayapati kavuri… etc.. Every one comes after him only, because he is the person who described telangana formation is a mid day dream (pagati kalalu).. And after the declaration of telangana from central gov on dec 9 he arranged a press meet and said that how they will declare such a big decision in mid night ( intha pedha nirnayanni ardha ratri prakatistharaa) who is Mr chedambarum to declare.. Etc… (Evvaa.. oka state ki 9 years cm ga unna veckti matladalcina matalu….. ) Each and every party have one policy or agenda as a party like PRP united Andhra, BJP Jai telangana , TRS jai telangana.. CPI telangana, CPM.samikyaandra.and so Each and every party have their own agenda But I think TDP is the only party having different agendas and different opinions on one issue. Of course they may have different opinions but they should take one decision on this as a party. But they are not doing so.. 438 recorded suicides happened from dec 2009 to till date. telangana people sacrificed there lives for cause of telangana but Chandra babu didn’t expressed any feelings on these sacrifices.. I think… us… The telangana people are not a humankinds in his opinion.. He is the person who never respects telangana people, telangana arts, and telangana culture. He even thinks spell the word TELANGANA is a crime.

18. అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2010

DON’T try to attain MARTYR , WE needed you to GOVERN
By Nawabzada Shajee Nawab
The basic problem of the Deccan of which Telangana is a part, was and is always victim of denial of participation of their affairs in their respective governments/state. A dying feudalism is only a part of the problem. After all, feudalism has been a national problem. But in Telangana, it received hammer blows at the hands of its own bigoted people, for which we received coerce and injustice at the hands of Andhra rulers.
From 1948 to 1956 Telangana passed through several phases-Military rules and the induction of a government after elections in 1952.
Our Hyderabad State could have been continued its happy existence if FAZAL-e- ALI commission’s recommendations would have been implemented and adopted. The decision to form linguistic states was an hurdle, though Nehru and Lohia, in fact, advocated existence and continuance of Hyderabad State, but, their opinion was overshadowed by a section of alligators, as on many occasions, in the past and present too, the people of Telangana were and are betrayed by a section of its own narcissistic and egocentric leaders, ostensibly on caste grounds.
The Telanganites still believed at their manifestation of fear that they preferred to be away from the regional Muslim compressed and dominated Hyderabad, to join in hands with Andhrited for which they had paid the price for jumping towards the discarded Andharites of Madras regency. Their hesitated miscalculation to stand shoulder to shoulder with the else-while Jagirdars and nawabs was not literally legitimate.
At one plunk the Andhrite entertained and kept busy to acquire the Muslims properties and lands, by amending laws and regulations to please the local Telangana Hindus, and at the other, it is also observed:
undue advantage of the situation was taken, the Upper cast Brahmins belonging to the Congress impel the bullock-cart of Andhra Reddy’s, and thus was satisfied to formed Andhra Pradesh, which was divergent and against the recommendations of the Fazal Ali Commission and advice of Jawahar lal Nehru and Mr. Lohia.
It is learnt that the then Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan, who was then holding the chair of RAJ PRAMOKH [bestowed specially to him by India] resigned from the post because of the dirty politics of Andhrite, neglecting the Telangana region from the day one it governed.

The Telangana movement is the first Indian struggle for economic and cultural autonomy. The present movement for a separate state is nothing but a demand for social liberation and Justice.
The truth of all the truths is that the Telangana movement of 1969 was actually commenced in December 1968, On 6th December1968; students took out a procession from Vivek Vardhini College in Hyderabad. The peaceful procession was attacked by hired rowdies recruited by so-called integrationists of the then chief minister of AP Mr. Brahmananda Reddy’s government and the police conspirators.
Primarily , massive demonstrations indoctrinated to derived to the districts of Khammam, Warangal and karimnager, the District comrades’ left no stone unturned to demonstrate their skills, which was later spread to Nizamabad district and other parts of Telangana region.
The Policemen and Para-military forces mercilessly opened fire on peaceful demonstrators at many occasions, killing several young men, women and elderly people. Thus the martyrdom of young Telanganites was like a spark of fire that lit over the entire region. This tempo generated by the martyrs was unending dogmatic agitation,
Hyderabad had been turned into a National Police academy, Police forces from across the country, i-e Malabar Special Police force, Maharashtra Armed Police, Uttar Pradesh Armed Constabulary, Jammu Kashmir Militia, Karnataka Armed Police, Tamil Nadu Armed Police, Bihar Armed Police, BSF companies were the watch dogs for all over Telangana. The Gorkhas Maratha regiments of the army were also deployed, to crush the peaceful movement; the tragedy of old city agitator was that the Gorkhas came face to face with an 8 feet high barricade to kill the Muslim minorities of Hussaini alam area.
The saddest of the sad, most horrible atrocities were inflicted on the citizens of Telangana. Uncalculated numbers of Telanganites were sent to jails irrespective of their ages and gender, cast and creed. It was observed, almost all the government schools, college buildings in Telangana had been witnessed and turned into mere prisons halls. As the movement was alive and Telangana jails were insufficient to fill the agitators of all section of society, detainees were ordered to be send as far away as they can, from their respective residencies, to avoid any further resistance. Rajahmundry and Vizag jails were literally filled like sheep-farms. The credit goes to the demonstrators, they preferred Peace to be prevailed, harassment activities did not occurred in the localities surrounded by the local Hyderabadis, not a single incident took place in Telangana region against a single Andhrawala in Telangana region, neither they were tortured, nor misbehaved, but on the contrary, the tragic of all the immense tragedies, two Telangana citizens was burnt alive in the Andhra area. This particular incident witnessed the unfolding of regional fascism of its worst kind; there are thousands of unscrupulous stories of brutality of Andharawala’s over the peace-lover society of Telanganites.
At the end, our self-interested politicians did their dirty phenomenon. The blood of innocent sacrificial victims has gone with the winds like, then genies the unfortunate decline, which had started by the end of 1972 and the agitation perturbs malignly without any gain, scores of mothers lost their young ones, hundreds of wives attained widowhood, it was ruined only by a suspicious glance and blatant smile by her Excellency Prime minister of India, Dr.Chenna Reddy, yielded and had agreed to her offer of governorship of Panjab at the first instance, and then the chief Minister-ship of Andhra Pradesh latter.
The scrupulous reverse counting of Agitation genies, and the worst had occurred; the movements went to ruckus-bin without anticipation, stipulations, and chattels against the wishes of the people.
It was at the panorama of heights, highest than Everest in morals, but most amorphous, Non-party and most-intense movement India ever had and one of the greatest movement after free India movement. It was an absolute a peaceful movement, unfortunately it was rather betrayed by its own regional politicians for their own selfish gains.
I can write with certain asperity, I was an active participant and of the Telangana Youth front; I had had the honor of getting a bullet injury in my left leg. I do also have the honor of being a GAZEE of the Telangana movement of 1969, which I do not think, any leaders of present day scenario does ever has the credit.
After the induction of Dr. Chinna Reddy as chief minister of AP, I had a word with him, personally, about the Telangana movement, which I am confident, obviously hurt his sentiments, and Telangana had had its worst and toughest ever time during his tenure
Chinna Reddy in a volte-face announced the merger of TPS with the Congress. Students stormed the TPS office but Chinna Reddy had escaped. The merger was a stunning blow to the people of Telangana and their aspirations. More than 370 had fallen to police bullets. Hundreds more had been crippled. The people of Telangana were overcome with a sense of despair and hopelessness. They had made immense sacrifices even the movement was with drawn.
Chinna Reddy and his Congress followers collaborated, and all the fortification were soaked away, and were to be replaced later by the six Point Formula, which was only a paper-work and did not implemented deliberately.
Recently, Mr. Gaddar called upon the people to launch a perfectly peaceful agitation for achievement of a separate state, emphasizing absolute control over the leaders by masses. However both Hindus and Muslims are supporting the movement at this juncture, but uncertainty still prevails, and qualms revolves, remained apprehensive and dubious in the mind of Telangana Muslim’s about their future, if Telangana come into existence.
Telangana now stands on the verge of another movement for liberation from aliens and for participatory politics. The demand for small states is a demand for responsible and participatory politics. Abruptly: the entire globalization process stands for liberation from racism, regionalism and cast. Telangana has stood in the front line of such movements for the last fifty years and awaits its liberation from the selfish and greedy Andhra’s,
The liberation can only be attained and commenced with the formation of a separate state of Telangana. Which will certainly change the present scenario and we will have control over our resources, our young Turks will obtained their livelihood, where plenty of jobs and educational facilities will be awaiting at their door-step.
Speculations in the community are that The Waqf board chairman’s are chosen on the pledge that they will be Loyal and act according to the command of the government. It is also observed that during the tenure of Chandra Babu Naidu, the waqf board chairman was none other but a slaughter house Babu from Adicmet/Vidyanager area, as lady luck favored him, it is said ‘he is presently holding billions of dollars, in his overseas bank accounts.’ We do not know the facts and how far it is true??? But it is definite that “About 829 acres of Waqf land was sold for Rs.444.40 crores by state Government headed by Andhrite politicians in utter disregard of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s ruling which clarified that Waqf properties can neither be sold nor purchased.” It obviously means that the government of Naidu with the comprehensive support of the loyal chairman manipulated the land records or did the unlawful transactions contrary to the verdict of Supreme Court.
The question of the entire legitimate question arises, when things were going in the wrong course and wrong direction: why the MIM [who claims to be Muslims voice] maintained metaphorical silence???

The opponents stipulated that MIM which stands for All India Itehad ul Muslimeen is ‘not the voice and steadfast representative of Muslim community, a frequently elevated question was asked by their opponents that why does not MIM has ever stood for a single seat in entire Telangana region, apart from old city’s amateurish area of Muslim majority of Hyderabad. Furthermore, it is also blamed that there is a nexus between land mafia and MIM and the ruling party. They accused MIM for reasons!!! why were they maintained silence during the whole scenario of waqf scandals; the opponent insisted that it was a occasion to voice, hundreds of acres of waqf- lands were sold by the government to a private company, at Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. they were also suppose to solicit and stand for augment for the legitimate rights of the community. Where were they camouflaged at this crucial time???the opponents questioned
It is emphasized that frequently the Andhrite attempt to explode the regional Ganga-Jamni culture by mobilizing Hindu-Muslim riots in the old city, and certain parts of the region for hypothesis that the Hyderabady Muslims [particularly] are against Telangana region Hindu’s, which seems to be an enormously, a culpability game.

On this auspice, one must not forget the contribution and part played by the martyrs, leaders, orators, archetects of Telangana as such as Maqdoom Mohiuddin, Ibrahim Jalles, Sulaiman Areeb, Raja Dube, Martyre Panander reddy[my beloved friend] Om Prakash Nirmal, [Me Nawabzada Shajee Nawab, in the celebrations as I am far away from my motherland] and many others who have enriched the politics and culture of Telangana through their writings. We also must not forget and should pay tribute to the police officers of Telangana region who had refused to open fire on their own kit and kens at the Raj Bhavan area and lost their jobs during and after the 1969 agitation.

42 Plashet street London [E] UK
AL Khobar, Eastern province, KSA

19. Nawabzada Shajee Nawab - డిసెంబర్ 4, 2010

Small dedication to my motherland [Telangana]
His slave “Nawabzada Shajee Nawab]

Praise to the Lord of the Heaven‘s and earth the Cherisher is clean from all type of dirt
The Sustainer doesn’t have beginning or birth the self- sufficient Master for all is worth.

O ‘Lord of galaxies bestow benevolence
feeble Telanganites request for lenience
Show us right path, rid away malevolence Telanganites, slave, beg for munificence

O ye, Superior king, o ye, kind and grace
teach us decency and hold up to raise
Set free of Andhrite, slavery to be erase, burly is the foe, and pathetic is our base

Without your guidance we cannot survive malicious and mean, must forever deprive
Derange is the road, and tough is the drive
victory is confirmed, keep Telangana alive

Blasphemous Andhrite, wicked by birth
walks with insolence, can’t rend the earth
Their greed and malice, will lead to hearth
be kind to us, O Lord of Heavens and earth

No one can change the written of fate
only the prayers can alter the rate
Eliminate the terror; wipe out the hate
transform Telangana, a hub of mate

O ye Andhrite are you the same?
Rawana of deceit, model of shame!
Blood of innocent shout and claim!
Leave Telangana, and stop the game

Nawabzada Shajee Nawab
42 Plashet road, Green street, London East.UK

20. Nawabzada Shajee Nawab - జనవరి 7, 2011

People take great pride in being Hyderabadi. Though! It has come to mean has changed over time. The distinctness of Telugu-Urdu mixed language, culture, manners, cuisine, etc made the province a special place of peace and prosperity. No doubt the Hyderabadi’s are irrelevantly labeled as Nawabi cultured and Nawabi thoughts. Irrespective of cast and creed, it is because in the past, India had had no native state as rich, potent and extensive as Hyderabad, which was about the size of the United Kingdom and bigger than France. One will be rather astonished, the Nizam state was so rich that then Indian [Hindustani] currency was consequently as poor as Nizams 16-00 {Halee Rupyyah}was equaled to Hindustani Rupees 100/00
One of the living legends of the glorious past of Hyderabad is 95 years old Moughal Princes Begum Sahiba Laila Ummahani to whom I [ Nawabzada Shajee Nawab] have the honor of being her direct descendant and fourth son of the royal family; Her highness renowned and distinguished contribution to the Hindu-Muslim United culture of Telangana cause is unraveled.
The following information’s are from the part of her beautiful memories and forgotten lure of Hyderabadi culture, based on her remembrance. The purpose of this article is to give a few insinuation to the young Telanganites of their glorious past, because, it is observed that mindset of new generation is anomalous about Nizam of Hyderabad. There is a lot of bitterness driven primarily by ignorance regarding the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the Telanganites and their past by The Andhrawala’s to spread the seeds of hatred among the communities. Though it is a very emotive issue, much like many Telanganites think. By most accounts, “His Exalted Highness” the Nizam of Hyderabad was a benevolent ruler who promoted education, science and development. He spent about one-tenth of his Principality’s budget on education, and even made primary education compulsory and free for the poor. In his 37-year rule, Hyderabad witnessed the introduction of electricity, railways, roads, irrigation projects and sweet water resources for his people, and many more important developments were carried out during his tenure. Among His contributions are; Universities – Apart from Osmania He also Helped Aligarh Muslim University and Banaras Hindu University. Many other Institutions Hospital for Poor (Osmania Hospital the first free Hospital for poor in the world by Osman Ali Pasha 7th Nizam) Reservoir: Husain Sager lake (now AP government has made it sewerage tank of the City) which was once supplied drinking water to Secundrabad. Himmayat Sager and Gandipet built in 1910 still used for drinking purpose. The High Court, Assembly of AP. Osmania Library is now turned as rubbish mangligio. Hundreds of other Buildings were used and destroyed by the present AP government which was the heritage of our culture. Railways and Roads Infrastructure were used for more than 50 Years before upgrading it

1. Nizams dominion and his various engagements are not familiar to the new generation, a number of brilliant Hindu’s from Madras, Mysore and Bengal were employed, acquired very important posts. One among them was Babu Madhusudhan Chaterjee. He was the MINT MASTER of Nizams mint, for Osmania sikka [Coins]. He was a highly competent authority and was very close advisor to the Nizam
The annexation of Hyderabad by military action in 1948 was swift and efficient bustle. Nizam’s troops led by General Aidroos, who in fact expressed his grave concerned, pounded no words in saying that how imprudent it was, to join hands with ill-equipped ‘Razakar’s, their batons, swords, and ancient guns that too were in no condition to put up any bit of resistance, and fight against the Massive Indian Army. One must understand the difficult history and the consequences the Telangana faced. The Muslim claims that there was a legitimate question of the choice left for Nizam had had, He was guaranteed through historic treatises with the Crown, and the Standstill Agreement signed with the newly formed Indian Union and Agreement signed by the Nizam, He was allowed to take time to think, and decide independently of what course of action to be taken. This included, to be remained an independent state or not accede to the Indian Union.
It is said, that Valla Bhai Patel was a visionary and indeed was an iron man of India. Nizam was mere the ruler of princely state of Hyderabad while Patel was part of the ruling clique of the country who had just attained independence. Both did their own calculations. Nizam tried to keep Hyderabad as an independent state while Patel’s job was to unify India. Patel tried his intelligence and played every trick, and then in Nehru’s absence launched Operation Polo, while Nizam strategically failed to garner material and men to support him in time of war. The ill equipped army with non regular’s Razakars [Volunteers] was never any match for the well trained and equipped Indian army; as a result Nizam lost the battle, mandatory surrendered to Indian army. Politically he lost on the chessboard of politics, and could not defend his nation, as it was his by right to fight, it is not an act of treason or swindle. And at the conclusion neither of them was wrong, one was not wrong for defending his kingdom and the other was not wrong with the intension and vision of unifying India. Patel was an agile mind, gigantic visionary, who left no stone unturned to unite India, which none of his contemporaries would have ever been able to achieve in such a mere little time, and was no comparison with his counterpart. Had it not been for Patel, we would not have seen a united India.
Hyderabad was a multi-cultural piece of land, consisting, Hindu institutions, Islamic institutions, Gurudwara sahib’s, magnificent temples, churches, Parsee temple [Ramnager Hyderabad] and magnificent Masjid’s
Eids, Sankrati [known as Til sankhrath] Holee, and Dasera, Moharam [Peerla Panduga], Shiv-ratri, Eid-e-nov rouz, Bonalu, Christ-mass, and Good Friday were the national festivals of Hyderabad. The Moharam and Bonalu were the main attraction of all the festivals. Processions with the bejeweled elephants were the core attraction for the Telanganites Hyderabad.
They Hindu Yadav’s community use to carry out bejeweled Bibi ka Alum which incur on 10th Moharam (Peerla Panduga) every year, and till date, no other community other than Yadav’s carries 12 Alums ahead of Bibi ka Alum’s Bejeweled elephant. It is also Hick hock story narrated by the old folks (elders) that before the dooms day, unintentionally, the Yadav community will not be performing their rituals of Bibi Ka alum.
Peerla Panduga [Bibi Ka Alum] is the existing witnessed of multi cultural ethics and ethnics of Telanganites. The Nazur and Nazrana to the Alum was presented at Dar us shifa by then Prime Minister of Nizam state Maharaja Krishnan Prasad, Jagirdars, Nawabs, Raja’s use to garland the Alum individually, the tradition is currently replaced by the MP or MLA. The Peerla Punduga is existed and organized in almost all the district of Telangana, is a reminder, importance of brotherhood, religious unionism of different religious and communities.
Like Bibi Ka Alum, same kinds of presentations were adorned at the Bonalu Panduga irrespective of caste and creed. The exquisitely decorated elephants and ghatams of Mahankali temples of Lal Darwaza, Uppuguda, Gowlipura, Alijah Kotla, Murad Mahal, Mir Alam Mandi, Sultan Shahi’s Jagadamba temple, Bela Muthyalamma temple’s and Akkanna Madanna temple of Hari Bowli, Kashi Vishvanath temple of Shah ali Bunda, Jagadamba temple of Sultanshahi, Mysamma temple’s of Shalibanda, Alijah Kotla and Gowlipura, and Sultanshahi, Darbar Mysamma of Aliabad and Mutyalamma temple of Chandulal Baradari, were carried out on bejeweled decorated elephants led by Prime minister Maharaja Krishan Prasad, Raja Bujrang Prasad, Raja Rae Rumba, Raja Kishwari lal, Raj Chandu Lal, were peaceful processions led by caparisoned elephant belonging to Akkanna Madanna temple of Hari Bowli, these elephants were granted munsub [Salary]by the nizam. Nizam also constructed the Chandrayan gutta Minder from his serfekas mubarak. [Nizams treasury]
Nizam also attributed 30 acre’s land for the Parsi fire temple at Parsigutta Ramnager. The Parsi temples of Secundrabad are the living example of Nizams broad religious-spectrum.
St. Joseph Church, St. Xavior, St. Peter churches of Secundrabad and Holy Merry church of gun foundry, Methodist church of Abids were constructed by the Christian community along with Nizams grants. The Narayanguda, Chikadapally trinity churches are also accommodated the grants of Nizam. Cavalry Barracks of Secundrabad is the sign of Christians dominated Nizams army.
By his privy purses, he constructed Ameerpet gurudwara saheb and contributed a large amount on the construction of Gowlipura Gurudwara Saheb and Gurudwara saheb of Afzal gunj, Nanded was the hub and most important place of Gurudwara saheb’s during the Nizam’s tenure. Nizam personally attended Grunth saheb ceremony at Nanded in 1934. The Yellow turban Sikh’s are the living leegendry and identity of Sikh regiment of Nizam State.
Hindu, Muslim Sikh, Christian, Parsee, Ka-yusth, were the buds of this lovely regime, that was a model and symbol of peace & friendship, religious tolerance and love and prosperity to all. The impartial Hyderabadi’s has never considered that it would get hatred in exchange from the Andhrite. The country and its rulers never made a fraction of difference between Muslims & non-Muslims.
The present day generation may not be familiar that Swami Vivekananda’s visited Nizam state [Hyderabad city] on February 10, 1893, and stayed in the Royal guest house as the first VIP. From the erstwhile pre-independent HINDUSTAN
On February 13th 1893 before leaving for Chicago, He addressed the Nizams parliament on common religious factors. More than 500 prominent dignitaries welcomed him at the Railway station, including powerful Nobles, Jagirdars and Nawab’s,and most powerful of all Nawab Sikandar Jung a prominent noble auspiciously garlanded him at the railway station. Swamiji addressed a public meeting at famous Mehaboob College secundrabad the next day. In his eloquent speech, he not only spoke on Hinduism but also contributed a large enthusiasm towards Islam, and Christianity giving an excellent exposition of their tenets. Maharaja Sir Krishan Prasad, the then Prime Minister of Nizam state, was so impressed by his lectures that he offered to meet all expenses of his to and fro travel. The offered was followed by a large number of Muslim Nawabs also. They offered financial assistance for his trip to USA but his esteemed Swamiji politely declined to accept it. Only saying {Very many thanks for the kind generosity] Swamiji greatly appreciated the generosity offered by the Hyderabadi Hindu’s and Muslims. He visited Mecca Masjid, Charminar, falaknuma palace, historic Golconda fort, Salarjung palace, the tomb of Baba Sharfuddin, [Pahadi shareef] Chandrayangutta Mandir, Mata ki Khidki temples, and also visited St.Jeoseph Church of Secundrabad. All sections of society gave him stimulating receptions at all these places; it was a unique event in the history of Nizam state. Swamiji’s addressed numerous public meetings. His marvelous and eloquent English and mastery grasp of the subject brought him consent praise from people of all religious personalities.
The well known photographer Raja Deen Dayal [Secundrabad] is the living legend for the entire Nizam regime‘s photographs and the royal families like Maharaja Krishan Prasad, Maharaja Mahboob Prasad, Raja Ray Venkatarama Reddy “Kotwal” Raja Rammu Prasad, there are more than ten thousand photograph of Raja, Maharaja’s, Jagirdars, and nawab’s of different caliber with his studio in Secundrabad. Among the most noted and competent is Nawab Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur for his erudite services and his resources, constructions of irrigation projects, sweet water Dam’s like Nagarjuna sager, Nizam-sager, Ali-sager, Hussain-sager, Osman-sager, Himayath-sager, and so of Khan Badur Nawab Tipu Khan who saved the lives of scores of Dhobee’s[ cloth washer] that were washed away regularly while crossing the river, by constructing a bridge over Musi river at the sangum which is known as TIPU KHAN BRIDGE. [Here it would be healthier to mention that Khan Bahadur Nawab Tippu Khan is my great grand-father.]
Nizam’s army was consist of 1st Hyderabad Infantry , 2nd Sikh Infantry, Sikh regiment, 1st Lancers and 5th Infantry ,Chawoosh of Barkas, 03 Cavalry barracks of Christian and Hindu’s mix regiment, Deccan infantry of Maratha’s, regiment, Pathan and Pakhtoons, and mixed infantries. The previous one company of Kumaonis, the company of Jats/Sikh’s, the company of mixed community and the company of Ahirs were merged and were declared only his remained strength at the time of Police action.
The most important of all the gratitude’s to Nizam, due to his impartial attitude, after the fall of his governance, The He received the ceremonial post of Rajpramukh in 1950, but He resigned from this office when the states were re-organized in 1956 on linguistic basis and large parts of Hyderabad state went to Maharashtra [Bombay state] against the Fazle Ali commissions report and the merger of Andhra with Telangana
[The remaining story of Nizam unique way of collection will be released soon]Insha-Allah

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Telanagana real hero kcr
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